Saturday, September 20, 2014

Busy Saturday

Up early this morning, grabbed a shower straight away as I tend to linger in PJ's far longer than I should otherwise, and a handyman was to come over for 9 a.m. to install my pulley system clothesline, that the LL gave the green light on. He texted me ahead to tell me that he was running late, arriving about 9:40. He was to charge me by the hour, but luckily since he had trouble assembling it for me (I eventually showed him a You Tube video on it), he only charged me for just over an hour. He left around 12:30. I gifted him one of the 4 pumpkin breads I made

Got 2 loads on the 90 foot line, which I suspect is simply too long of a run NOT to dip down, even with 8 line separators on the clothesline. I will do as my spinster great aunt did:


 use a sappling to hold the line up again. I'll look tomorrow, I am pretty sure that we may already have one in the woods out back

Soup for supper tonight:

chicken meatball soup, using fzn turkey stock. Delicious!


Lynda D said...

I think the saplings add character. A bit old worldy.. People pay money for that.

Anonymous said...

When I was a child I didn't know that all clotheslines didn't have a