Monday, September 15, 2014

Being patient, furnishing a home on a budget

The bathrooms in this rental have little storage, even with cabinet vanities, especially compared to the former rental. I was able to use 2 wall shelving units that I already had (one was in my bedroom, now my master bathroom; the second was one that we used in the powder room, now in this powder room) but I needed/strongly wanted one for the hall bath that is used by 5 people. I hate the clutter on the small sink vanity, there is no medicine cabinet, so I deemed a shelving unit was something I would pay for. I first tried on line, then physically went to Home Depot. Easily $100 for what I WANTED, do no thanks. I knew that if I was patient, I'd eventually find something suitable, on the second hand market, that would meet our needs. I've been checking Habitat for Humanity, GoodWill, Salvation Army, Savers frequently. I was ready to move to church sponsored thrift shops.

Enter the 2 tiered shelving unit that I bought off of a local Facebook tag sale site this afternoon, as I was commuting back from work. While not as wide as I'd like, it'll still provide over 2 feet of storage space for things like personal care products, the container for cotton balls and swabs, toothbrush holder and the like. Best part: $10 cash. Fits very nicely into my modest budget. Former owner is glad to declutter her home, making some cash in the process. It's a win-win situation. : )


Bargain Mom said...

That is the cutest shelf! You could easily repainted it and use it in your next purchased home - nice job!

Bobbie said...

Hi Carol: What ever happened with your old LL and the wood stove issue?