Sunday, September 7, 2014

A simply super Sunday!

An absolutely beautiful day so far today! A much welcomed cold front blew through late yesterday, pushing the unusually hot (10 degrees over normal) temperatures along with the high humidity out of here! Much to do, as usual, to get ready for the upcoming week. I made a breakfast of sausage patties (DT deal for 10 oz rolls of sausage) and eggs, coffee, OJ, rye toast. Perfect way to start my day. 

 My last roaster chicken from Aldi's (bought in Feb and unearthed in the deep freeze when we moved houses last month) will be oven baked today for Sunday's supper. Frozen brussel sprouts, choice of buttered rice and/or baked sweet potatoes (only have a few, and they need to go! so they will be baked while the oven is going)will round out the dinner choices. I've previously mentioned that our meat supplies on hand in the freezer has really gone down and my focus this month has been in replenishing it, hopefully with some variety! All that I've found "on sale" has been chicken, some frozen fish fillets. I did pick up some fzn tubes of ground beef and ground turkey at Aldi's.  I plan on baking 2 loaves of bread today, as well as make an apple pie for tonight's dessert.

 I intentionally purchased vanilla bean ice cream yesterday just for this. Local, fresh apples are now at the market. I bought some Ida Reds yesterday (again at Aldi's) from NY state. Perfect. Only paid $2.69/3 lb bags, buying 2 bags for the family.
Welcome to our sun porch! Today also finds me catching up on the laundry. Yesterday's is FINALLY dry, towels folded and put away, only 2 stragglers remain a bit damp, so they are resting on the back of a wicker chair for a bit more. So far, I've done a batch of whites, and a batch of colored clothes, including sheets. The rest of the sheets and some towels that were starting to smell a bit "off" with the humidity are now running for the final batch of the day.

While we've certainly been taking advantage of my 3 clothes horses, and the one that the LL left behind, I do miss my clothes line. I found that I much prefer the T pole style as the umbrella one I bought post divorce 2 years ago (especially for it's portability), has the lines too close together, even with using every other line, the clothes take considerably longer to dry with it. So now I am exploring putting up a pulley system clothes line, especially for the sheets. It should* be an economical endeavor, although I'd get a quote from 2 handymen I know, to get it installed here. This would also be a fairly portable system, save the eye hooks used in the process for installation.

Besides the aforementioned, I have a bit of grading to do this afternoon, some mending I'd like to tackle as well as finally making my bathroom curtains!

Have a great Sunday!

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mikemax said...

Nice about the weather!

Carol, you do not need a handyman to install a pulley system. I realize you may not be able to do it after your hand surgery, but either of your oldest two kids or DS#1's GF could do it in 5 minutes. To install mine, I drilled a hole in the house and screwed in the threaded shank on one pulley, then drilled a hole in a post across the yard and screwed in the other pulley. Then just thread the line through the pulleys (this part you could probably do, even with your hand). I bought a clothesline tightener, which looks like a hand grenade, and threaded the ends of the line through it. Keeps the lines from sagging, and makes them40 practically invisible.