Sunday, September 28, 2014

A busy day already!

and it's just barely past 9 a.m.!

 I mixed up a 50-50 ground beef & ground turkey (both Aldi's fzn tubes) meatloaf, using homemade bread crumbs, DT eggs, milk, freshly grated Parmesan, the rest of a small red onion, a medium yellow onion, the reserved celery tops, poultry seasoning, homemade salt free all purpose seasoning. I shaped this in my 2 tier, meatloaf pan that I first Pam* sprayed (actually used a can of Olive oil spray by Bakers choice that I bought at DT as well), then topped it off with the contents of 6 fast food take out packets of ketchup, leftover from the kids. These were extras tossed in the bag, we buy our own ketchup. : )
 Forecast is for yet another, Summer like day so I have one batch of washed in cold water clothes and sheets already out on the line
but I chose to place DS #1's heavy jeans on a clothes horse on the deck, thus saving room on the line
 for the towels that are now in the washer, and to help avoid the dipping of the line towards the ground.

 I spoke with the man who cuts my grass the other day (it was already lightly raining when he showed up) and asked him to cull at least one, forked tree branch (there are a few piles back in the woods) so that I can use it/them to hold the lines up, avoiding the aforementioned dipping issue. Only happens when there are a lot of heavy items on the line.

I even managed to wash and rinse a stack of baggies, hanging them outside to dry as well.

I have some paperwork to get in order, some progress reports that I can do on line, but my main goal for today is to address some mending, including a pair of black dress pants that I recently bought for myself, but are too long, since I mosly wear flats. I also need to vacuum. Bathrooms were done yesterday.


Blissfulbutterfly said...

I love the way your deck and backyard look (from what I can see in the pictures). Looks very peaceful and serene.

mikemax said...

Carol, I wash my ziplocks whenever I do the dishes and have bags to wash; turn them inside out and drape over blender or whatever is handy until dry. I would rather do them one at a time rather than saving them up...but that's just me.

CTMOM said...

Max, I normally do as well. I can't have a dish drainer in this kitchen, due to the configuration with a corner sink. I would normally grab a wooden spoon, pop it into the drainer, and place the freshly washed baggie over the top, allowing it to air dry over night. I had a collection of baggies to do, they got done all together and are now dried, folded and put away for the next use.