Thursday, August 21, 2014

You just never know what you will find . .

at Dollar Tree. I always make it a point to pop in there, when I am close by (it's located in the same plaza as Aldi's). Here are some of my deals that I got recently:

 Quarts of beef stock

A lavender body wash from Canada that I decant into liwuid soap bottles and cut with water to make up my own refills, bars of lavender soap

 HTA boxed milk for the emergency shelf
 LB pkgs of lasagna noodles

Pkgs of the new "pot sized" linguini that came out last year. I like to use these for chicken noodle soup

 Olive oil "Pam" spray from a division of Baker's Joy. An ounce less than Aldi's version, but still a bargain

I also got the Canola oil version. I am set for a while with 4 cans each

 Frozen fingerling potatoes with rosemary and garlic. Had these last night, delicious! Only 2 servings per 10 oz pkg, so I used 3 pkgs, defrosted them as instructed and roasted them off in the table top, convection oven. Sure are cheaper than the $5/lb ones sold at the farmer's market.
 20 oz cans of refried beans that we call "bean paste" which we use to coat flour tortillas before adding a bean/meat mixture and additional toppings. Some in the family also use these as a side dish.

29 oz cans of DelMonte stewed tomatoes. We use a lot of tomatoes, and these come with the onions/peppers/garlic and seasonings already added. Great as a side dish, or a base to a chunky pasta sauce.

200 count tissues-awesome as several of us are allergy sufferers

Bottle of Tapatio, a preferred hot sauce.

In addition to those items pictured above, I recently got the following: DT strore brand tissues, 8 ct packs of medium size eggs, fzn "pepper stir fry" which I use like fzn chopped peppers/onions sometimes cutting up further or not, instant oatmeal packets, individual choc pudding cups (lunch box treat), multi packs of small sized chocolate bars, VO6 cream rinse, a green oval plastic soap dish for the powder room, a clear plastic "soap saver" for the powder room, dish washer detergent, birthday cards, fzn bags of mixed berries (raspberries/strawberries/blackberies), Goya dulce de leche waffer cookies. Yes, there is a lot of junk, smaller sized packages that don't necessarily equate a bargain, food items of mysterious origin (country) that I try to avoid. All in all, however, there are some great deals to be found.  I also purchase the bulk of my cleaning items from DT: tall canisters of Comet cleanser, LA's amazing orange cleaner (for pretreating laundry), LA's amazing laundry detergent, Sun brand dish washer powder, LA's amazing blue dish soap, Brillo pads, etc.


Sandie Apuzzo said...

Hi Carol! What is your go to price for the boxed stock? Thanks, Sandie

CTMOM said...

Dollar Tree sells everything for a $1. So, a $1 a quart. I always seem to have chicken/turkey stock on hand, beef not so much so a convenience item is welcomed.