Sunday, August 31, 2014

So what's been cooking this past week?

Another week has flown by, no posts. Sorry, getting back into the swing of things and adjusting schedules is taking longer this year.

Some of this past week's cooking:
 Last Sunday: pork chop bake using 2 sad apples and the rest of my herbed stuffing shreds; more of the DT rosemary and garlic fingerlings that I baked off in the toaster oven, fzn Prince Edward veggie medley.
 Fish on Monday: canned salmon turned into fish cakes for 6 using homemade bread crumbs and shredded carrot to bulk these out. Frozen peas were served but I don't recall what else.
  but do know that I served sliced tomatoes on the side. Yum!
 Crock Pot Tuesday and planning ahead: A batch of my calico beans cooked all day, with planned overs tucked into the freezer for a frozen asset. 28 oz cans of baked beans go for $1.39 @ Aldi's-so that is my price comparison. At last tally, I can make my own baked beans for $1/28 oz equivalent.

A hodgepodge of sausages accompanied: the rest of some that DS brought with him when he returned to the nest, a small package of 2 links that I had bought on sale with a coupon making it super cheap, and finally a package of marked down Aldi's kielbasa dogs (50 cents).
 Vegetarian Thursday brought more beans to the table, this time as black bean burgers. I used up packets of hot sauce from the kids Chinese take out up in the process, getting those out of the fridge. Sides were oven baked sweet potatoes, canned corn.

Friday was a take and bake pizza from Aldi's as I was in the city, so did my shopping then (we had run out of quite a few staples).

Saturday: leftovers or fix yourself a sandwich night. Cook's night off. I was busy canning all day.
This Sunday supper: Crock Pot "baked" meatloaf using more homemade bread crumbs and a blend of ground turkey and ground beef for health as well as economic reasons; sides: mashed potatoes, steamed carrots and steamed green beans.

This week's baking included 2 loaves of white sandwich bread as well as 24 banana-mini chocolate chip muffins. Great way to use up ripe fruit.

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