Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Sewing for a cause . . my budget

Decorating this new rental must be done on a budget. This past year, I was out of work, on unexpected unpaid leave, I purchased several cars in cash (mine, 2 for DD), and this rental is a significant jump in rent. While I formally have 2 lodgers (DS and GF), I need to continue to be careful, especially these initial few months, as expenses start to show themselves.  Recent post went over how I've been able to reuse curtains I already had, or ones that the landlord left behind. Great. There were still some gaps:

DS and GF's room, my bathroom.

Today, I tacked DS and Gf's windows:

They have a double window as well as a single window. They wanted something to keep the sunlight out, as they work retail, and often have odd hours. I grabbed the 2 84 inch long, chocolate brown, insulating/sun blocking curtains that the prior tenant left behind at the last rental, and cut them down.

I also have some old, beige lace curtains the I will layer underneath, after shortening them.

Only room left is my Master Bathroom. I had some fabric but it wasn't the right color. I need to cull through my stash to see what else I have. Best if I can fashion something, using what I have on hand. The chocolate curtains had me using up some bobbins of brown thread (a good thing) so I moved to black to finish the job. Came out fine.


Anonymous said...

It looks like everything is coming together beautifully!

mikemax said...

Suggestion I am using myself in DD's new room: I found two fabrics in my stash that went together well and a friend contributed a plain color that goes with both. With 3 smallish pieces of fabric, I have designed a curtain that uses all 3 fabrics--it has a wide border of one color (which could be top or bottom, or both), sashing down the sides, etc. Really cute. Lining it with an old sheet. Since I am putting it on curtain rings (which I have), it doesn't have to be much wider than the window. If you don't have curtain rings available, you can make fabric tab-tops.

I found DH a pair of tan and red plaid textured cotton tab tops at St. Vinnie's on half-price day for $3.50. I hemmed them for him so they hit about 1/4 inch above his baseboard heater unit. When he took them down for me to hem, he discovered he missed them, LOL. This from the guy who thought he'd just make do with white blinds on white walls and a taupe bedspread. Nice that your DS lets you at the room....

Good luck--I love seeing what you have done with what you have.