Sunday, August 17, 2014

Settling in: a sneak peak!

Slowly, we are getting there! Hereare some quick images of DD's room. Bed is made, but alas, no curtains yet! She has been sleeping in the den on the first floor for 2 weeks now, only recently making it upstairs to sleep in her new room.
 The second hand dresser, a second hand lamp I bought for the other rental (time to replace the lampshade at WM I think), and more boxes of things to put away.

Nice double closet, even though this is the smallest bedroom of the house. Just to the right is the hall bath that services the 3 guest rooms. One can see one of my rolling laundry sorters in the hallway, that allows family members to presort dirty laundry for me.

 Here's a peek into the aforementioned hall bath. New tile floor, new paint, new sink/vanity/mirror/lights, new toilet. LL left a pretty curtain, and although it looks out over the back yard, with no neighbors visible, we'd be more comfortable if there was a bottom, cafe curtain. Luckily, I have just the thing to refashion on hand, which will do the trick at no cost, and match perfectly! Bathrooms are small in this home, and lack storage. I want to find a shelf of some sort to store items currently clogging up space on the vanity. I don't like the cluttered look.
 LL even bought new towel bars, shower curtain rod and shower curtain. One thing that makes me very happy: a new ceiling exhaust fan with light.

Here's the twin's room. About the same size as at the former rental. Smallest closet in the home, however. Luckily, they have a tall chest of drawers.

 My old braided rug (8 x 11) still fits in this room. Only loss was that we can't also put a desk in here, just too tight.  I noted that one DS's boxspring was shot, tearing so I took advantage of a sale promotion at Sleepy's and got him a new mattress and box spring. I estimate that his old set (which was his sister's) 19 years old.
The bookshelf that my paternal grandfather made out of packing crate lumber sits in the corner by the double window, for storing items. Again, more boxes to empty.

 One awesome feature of this home is the whole house fan that does a fabulous job of drawing in the cool air in the morning to cool down the house.
 In the Master bedroom, there is a second door that leads to this 8 foot hallway. On one end is this shelving unit with built in filing cabinet that holds all of the brochures for any of the appliances/mechanicals of the home. Below is a pop open cabinet, with a safe on the left. Not seen is the door opposite this shelving area that opens to a full walk up staircase to the attic, tons of storage there!
Another bonus: a Master bathroom, something I have never had in my 50 years. Small, to be sure, but a nice perk all the same. The LL totally redid this bathroom: new tile floor, paint, a ceiling light/exhaust fan, single shower changed to a full double sized shower with new curved curtain rod and shower curtain, new toilet, new sink/vanity/lights, new towel bars. I still have to make a permanent curtain for additional privacy, and I had a 2 tiered shelf put up over the wide towel bar on the wall opposite the toilet, again to get stuff put up and away off of the vanity/back of the toilet in this case.

Also on the news front: I sold my electric dryer this evening. An additional $200 cash in my hands. Nice. More and more items are coming up into the home from the one bay of the garage where boxes/bags/bins are being stored from the move. I am starting a pile to sell/donnate to simply pare things down. I both want and need to have less.

I return to work in a week and took advantage of Kohl's sales plus promotions, along with DS's GF's employee discount and found some items to revamp my work wardrobe. This is no tax on clothing week in CT, another incentive for me. I ended up getting:
2 pairs sneakers (me and DS # 1) @ $54.99, a pair of Vera Wang Bermudas $8.80, 4 pairs of black dress pants at different price points: $$36.99, $7.20 (not a typo), $31.99, $36. In addition to these sale prices, the GF was able to apply a $10 off coupon, as well as a 30% off promo code. I was out the door at $155. Pretty happy with that. So this years "work uniform" looks to be black pants. Lol! Several of them are pull on style, and I remembered that I previously bought a deeply discounted pair of black Vera Wang pull on pants. I have difficulty with zippers, due to my hands, and my current fashion trend of pull on athletic capris won't cut it at work!

For those of you missing my food posts: tonights Sunday supper was Swiss steak (2 pkgs marked down cubed steaks were dredged in seasoned flour and browned off like Chicken fried steak, then placed in a crock pot along with some onions/peppers that I fried off in the fat from the skillet used to prepare the meat. Before decanting them into the CP, I added a large, 29 oz can stewed tomatoes, and used this to degraze the skillet in the process. Additional herbs were added to the CP. I would have liked to add red wine, but we are out. This was super tender meat, served over buttered and seasoned egg noodles, a side of fzn mixed veggies with the cut off corn from a l/o cob from the CSA.


Bargain Mom said...

The new place looks so bright and new! you must be very happy to be ready to start the school year in all that brightness. Small bathrooms might seem a pain at first until you figure out where to store everything - but they are a blessing - eliminates the space for clutter.

the attic storage sounds like a treat - I've always wanted a walkup attic, must have been all the Waltons I watched as a kid - they seemed like magical family history places to me.

Don't forget to post pics of the Kitchen! I was always amazed you were able to manage in the old one - looked small from the posts

Congrats & Good Luck!!

Lili said...

Thanks for sharing all the photos, Carol! I think that you and your family are going to be extremely happy in your new place. Can't wait for photos of the main living areas.

Marcia in rural WNY said...

Good to be moved into the new place in anticipation of back to work and back to school for the kiddos. We have no one going back to school this year, but granddaughter still looking for work. Frankly, I don't think she was looking very hard during the summer! She also has to find a new roommate, as the one she thought was moving in--a long time friend---has decided to live at Mom's for one more year while she finishes year 5 of her 5 year program. DGD is disappointed, as they have been friends since grade school, but she has a lot of friends and I'm sure she'll find someone. She can't afford the apartment alone, and she's done a lot of cleaning and re-arranging since the former roommate left a couple weeks ago!

Looks like you have done a LOT of work in the past two weeks, that's for sure.

mikemax said...

Good for you for selling your dryer! Still have the washer? House looks very nice.

Tracy Hathcock said...

It looks wonderful!!