Saturday, August 23, 2014

September menus


August is quickly wrapping up, we've had deliciously cooler temps here and leaves are already starting to change color. I return to work Monday, kids start school Wed. To ease the transition, and keep us in budget, I am preplanning my monthly dinner menus, incorporating what is on hand as much as possible. We will continue receiving our CSA until Thanksgiving, so vegetables will be TBA, unless there is a particular canned/frozen/cheap fresh item I was to use for a particular night. Here's the plan:

1-marinated BSCB (grilled) over a large tossed salad, macaroni salad
2-Salisbury steaks in onion-mushroom gravy (use boxed beef stock to make), roasted garlic mashed potatoes, veg
3-hamburger and macaroni, salad
4-ground turkey-pinto bean tacos on soft tortillas, refried beans, canned corn, assorted toppings (lettuce/tomato/sour cream/taco sauce/salsa/shredded cheese)
5-glazed ham meatballs (mix up sweet n sour packets with chilli sauce and/or a touch of BBQ sauce to coat and keep moist)-use ground ham in freezer; mashed potatoes, fzn peas
7-roast chicken (fzn), fzn Brussel sprouts, brown rice, cranberry sauce
8-baked salmon fillets with lemon juice and dill weed (fzn fillets), fzn oven roasted garlic and rosemary fingerling potatoes, fzn peas
9-CP turkey (diced fzn)-pinto bean chilli, Southern style corn bread
10-spaghetti with fzn meat sauce, salad, fzn  Prince Edward veggie mix
11-sloppy joes (canned sauce, fzn beef) on buns; fzn corn, fzn onion rings
12-omelettes, home fried potatoes (use canned)
14-corned beef (fzn), cabbage, potatoes, carrots; Irish soda bread
15-horseradish crusted (fzn) Tilapia, mashed potatoes, veg
16-CP Campbell's style pork beans, hot dogs (fzn), buns (fzn), coleslaw
17-planned overs: corned beef hash, Campbells style pork beans, coleslaw
18-pate chinois; apple-raisin slaw
19-homemade pizza, salad
21-baked chicken thighs/drums, boiled potatoes, veg
22-salmon cakes (use canned), coleslaw, veg
23-CP beef stew (fzn meat), onion/carrot/celery/potato
24-homemade turkey pot pie (use Aldi's crusts, fzn cubed turkey, fzn turkey stock, assorted veg)
25-homemade mac n cheese with fzn diced ham, veg
26-turkey burgers (use fzn meat) on buns (make), fzn tater tots, veg
28-meatloaf (use fzn beef and fzn turkey), mashed potatoes, beets
29-crabmeat Impossible pie aka "crustless quiche:, salad, green beans
30-kielbasa dogs (fzn), CP New England style baked beans, CP brown bread

Leftovers will continue to be offered for work lunches, Saturday is soup/sandwich day. Cool enough today so I offered (and used up) 4 cans of Campbells chicken noodle soup from DS and GF's appartment with the leftover green beans, a few stray fettucini noodles, the meat off of 2 remaining chicken thighs from last night (leftovers were corralled in one Pyrex container). Made for a heartier soup, which is also an offering to accompany a self made sandwich tonight.

My meat reserves are and will be quite low come the end of Sept, so my focus these upcoming weeks will be to seek out meat bargains for the freezer, to incorporate in October's menus. I anticipate that I will have some frozen chicken parts (no fryers/roasters), fzn kielbasa and sundried tomato sausages, canned tuna/salmon/crab/clams, assorted stray fzn fish fillets (not enough to offer everyone the same type fish for a supper, Now that we are a familly of 6, I need 6 pieces of fish vs 4, for a supper so a package naturally doesn't go as far as it used to); some fzn ham slices (precooked and fzn), some salt pork, some fzn bfst pork sausage links.

While we continue to keep a grocery list on the fridge, I also have a list of needs to complete the above menus, written on my menu planning calendar. So far, I think that I will need to buy (besides the usual): lettuce, Jack cheese, 2 pkgs hamburger buns (or make), 3 pkgs of fzn ground turkey, potatoes, carrots, onion, celery.


Belinda said...

I made a similar dinner this past week with three cans of Campbell's potato soup. I opened up all three cans and added a can of mixed vegetables. It was really good and had enough left for lunch the next day. Good way to make a meal!

Lena said...

I've never made a menu for the whole month but I will be working with what we have to create a few meals (especially freezer meals) for the months when cooking will be the last thing on my mind... I'm hoping to plan at least a month worth of simple meals.

young77 said...

Great menu ideas! I am in the process of cooking and freezing several meals to have when I return home after full-knee replacement surgery 9/17. I did it two years ago, too, and it really helped plus the goodies friends brought me.

Hope your first day back at work goes well!