Monday, August 4, 2014

Moving update


The actual move itself, has gone well. I hired out for the furniture, heavy items and remain very happy with the service and the price, which came in under the actual estimate. Additional costs: Dunkin donuts for bfst on the go, deli meats/cheese/prepared salads/bakery rolls for lunch/take out pizza. These costs  were anticipated.

Some drama before the move began. Up and out early, DD took the compost outside to empty, only to slip on the wet grass, twist her ankle and end up breaking 2 bones in her left leg. An ambulance was called, DX was called to meet her at the ER, where Xrays were taken, and a consult with an orthopedist arranged at his office, immediately upon leaving the ER. While waitiing in the office, the MD was called out on an emergency. A PA saw her, updated her file, arrangements for surgery made for later on this morning. I told her that there are easier ways to get out of helping to move. : )    She's been a trooper. Luckily, it's her left leg. Only recently gotten her transportation back, it would really stink to not drive. As of this point, she is off work for 3 weeks. Really impacts her budget, as she is working retail, while paying off her loans. We'll work it out.

We're about 90% moved in here; we've been going back/forth to the other rental to get what I call smalls. I will be renting a pickup truck this week to be able to transport my firewood, trash cans, as well as to collect a cedar chest that we forgot about *(it is stored in a deep closet), the 2 A/C window units. Worse case scenario, my friend with a Suburban will be back from vacation next week, and I can probably use her car. Best to just get this done. I will then vacuum the floors, give the bathrooms a quick once over, done. I also need to have DS take some additional curtain hardware off of the windows (I refuse to leave stuff I paid for behind), take off the carbon monoxide sensors, my watering hoses, my old fashioned crank can opener.

Some items, I am finding won't work here such as my dish drainer/board so I bought one of those water wicking dish drying mats. I also bought some Rubbermaid drawer dividers, cutlery tray (an investment I can reuse in my next home as well).

I need to make arrangements for a handyman to hang pictures, curtain hardware for me. I am thinking of reaching out to the man who bought my clothes washer, he is a handyman from the city South of here. I offered my dryer for sale to him, he doesn't have the funds at the moment, could only take the washer. Fine. I have his business card and will contact him to see if he'd be interested in working for me, doing the aforementioned, in exchange for the dryer, which I really want out of here.  Can't hurt to ask, worse case, he says no thanks.

Organizing our stuff certainly takes time, but we're getting it done. I am anxious to finish up the window treatments, sew what I have to and just be done. I have 10 days left on that lease, return to work the last week of August. My hand is actually feeling pretty good, OT will start in a few weeks as well.

Did a major restock grocery trip yesterday:

Dollar Tree: box of D/W soap (mine was at the other house), super glue, 2 moisture bags for down cellar ($2 vs $60/mo for the dehumidifier), scissors (couldn't find mine), tooth paste (ditto), 2 bags fzn onions rings, 4 bags tater tots, 2 pkgs flour tortillas, 4 8 ct medium eggs, 2 bags fzn peppers/onions, 4 qts aeseptic box milk, a student calendar to keep track of 3 adult kids' work schedules for coordinating rides, 4 8 oz pkgs fzn pork sausages. $29.44

Walmart: aforementioned Rubbermaid products and dish drying mat, assorted picture hooks and anchors, 2 pints heavy cream, twine, a TGIF gift card for a belated birthday gift, large bread bags, paper plates. $85.65 (gift ans household items need to be tallied separately from groceries)

Aldis: 2 gallons milk, 3 tubs ice cream, bacon, 18 ct pkg TP, 2 pkgs pie crusts, organic baby spinach, organic baby salad greens, 12 pack ginger ale, butter, stick margarine, tub margrine, 4 tubes 85% ground beef (fzn), 2 each: apple, cranberry, ruby red, "splash" juices; sliced Swiss, and Colby Jack cheese, block sharp Cheddar, Pepper jack and  NY state Cheddar, 4 fzn OJ, qt 1/2 & 1/2, 4 ct baby heads lettuce, Iceberg, 3 bathroom storage gizmos (one negative here are small bathrooms, not alot of storage, but I'm working around that), 3 lunch boxes ($2.99 so I grabbed them as I saw them. One was mistagged as a backpack, so I was charged $6.99-gotta return for my credit), lb each: Deli ham and turkey breast for sandwiches, 3 kinds bagels, 2 lbs carrots, 4 boxes granola bars, 6 cans mushrooms, 2 pkgs hamburger buns, one pkg hotdog buns, 3 lbs apples, bananas, 4 lbs red grapes, an electric toothbrush with 3 replacemnet heads, 6 cans ck lite tuna, 3 boxes cold cereal, kosher dill pickles, 4 boxes creackers. I spent $180.41, but was overcharged (see above) and some of these items are under HH, not groceries, so I will have to tally this back up.

At the base of the cellar stairs, is a wide, shelved in area for storage-this has become my new pantry. I also have the stand freezer now in the garage: back in the car, remove frozen foods, bring dry goods into basement for easy storage. Perfect.

My new LL continues to have work done here: yesterday, the glass company had someone here to reglaze the front LR picture window. The LL is supposed to be here Tues/Wed to pick up an additional window that was cracked (one of the new energy efficient ones she had installed) and return that to the window sash. A third window is awaiting the special glass insert (guess that was damaged as well). LL will also repaint the LR windows (exterior) and then wash  the windows and return all of the LR storms. I discoverd a drip down cellar that appears to be coming from the overhead waste pipe that services the first floor, hall powder room. I have a call into the new LL, having left a message. At her request, I have also created a punch list of items for her to address, such as missing switch plate cover, how to clean the whole house fan, possible broken up/down mechanism on one of the kitchen side windows (an energy efficient replacement), permission to install my crank can opener, flag poles, a replacement door sweep on front door screen door etc. Don't get me wrong, this home is definately a major step up for us! and we remain very happy here. The LL is also very sweet: she left us a cold bottle of champagne in the fridge. We also had a drop off from a neighbor: a plate of homemade fudge with a note welcoming up to the street (a dead end lane). Very nice. I was napping, but DS told me that they had younger kids-I told the other DS that this is potentially a babysitting opportunity for him. DD used to get $40 to watch the neighbor kids for  a few hours. Not bad at all!


janie said...

Sorry to hear about your daughter and her injury. Hope all goes well and wishing her a speedy recovery.

New place sounds good, best of luck. Janie

Kelly Campbell said...

Oh wow, Carol. Your poor DD. I swear it if weren't for bad luck, she'd have no luck at all. :( First her car and now her leg. Yikes. Hopefully everything will work out and all will be back to normal sooner rather than later.

56steps said...

Congratulations on your new home!
Moving us so hard but it seems like you have a handle on things.
I'm sure you'll be very happy there.


Sandie Apuzzo said...

Very excited for you and the family!

young77 said...

I'm exhausted just from reading your moving update!!! And shopping! Seriously tho, congratulations! I'm so sorry that your DD had such a bad accident. My best to all of you. Shirley

Anonymous said...

Moving us such a pain, but the new digs sound like a much better fit - it should be worth it in the long run. At least there are still other kiddos to lend a hand while DD is healing and has limited mobility.

Sounds like you're settling in well

Catherine said...

Hope your daughter heals quickly!