Saturday, August 23, 2014

More household furnishings on a budget

 I previously posted about finding this oak, drop leaf table at Habitat for Humanity, for a whopping $40.
 The next day, I went back for this mate, matching table-also sold for $40.
 Good, quality, wooden furniture that probably harkens back to the '70's/80's. Lenoir House, a division of Broyhill Furniture-I know someone previously spent a tidy sum on these 2 tables. They fit nicely in our Den, next to our $300, second hand couch, love seat and ottomon. I've tried to keep with neutrals and the same color palette as I acquire posessions for our home. Being able to reuse what we have is a major money saver!

The rug that I bought 2 years ago to keep the floor under the dinette table warm, works wonderfully in this room, as well. A nice bonus.
 No price on this tall, candle stick style, chocolate brown lamp with green, gingham shade, so I had to ask: $15, sold!

Salvation Army find: a high quality, based on the materials used in the lamp shade, red/burgandy lamp for my living room. I noted that the price sticker had a Jan 2014 date so I asked if they also marked down their other furnishings besides actual furniture and was told, "Yes! How about $6.99?" Sold! Red is my accent color in the living room.

 A Frankenstein lamp: $4 silver base from Goodwill, a $10 lamp shade from Walmart. I try to keep lamps under $20/each so perfect. This is for DD's room.
DD's lone lamp already in her room was desperate for a new lampshade, which I picked up at WM while I was there. $15 but I only spent $5 on the buttercream colored, porceline ginger jar lamp 2 years ago at another thrift shop. The old shade? DS's GF expressed an interest when I asked him to place it in the donation box-she took it, replaced the too small shade on another lamp that we are using in the Den as well. 

2 mini lamp timers. There was quite a variety for sale; after reading the packages, these inexpensive options will more than meet my needs of having 2 lamps automatically turn on/off in the den and living room.

A small splurge: a yard of cotton fabric (on sale @ $8.99/yard) coupled with some cream colored, lace trim (not on sale so I could use a 50% off coupon, bringing the cost for the trim to approx $3.59) will be transformed into a set of matching cafe curtains and valence for my Master Bathroom. $12 window treatment is much more affordable than ready made curtains. The walls are a creamy beige, as are the floor tiles. White fixtures with the sink placed in a dark brown vanity; shower curtain rod, towel bars are all black with a copper accent. The vanity top is a man made "granite" that is black with beige/copper flecks. I already have a purple bath rug, a buttercream bath mat, a soft beige shower curtain, a purple trash bin. I tend to use my few purple towels in this room, if not pull from the household stock of mostly cream colored towels. This room could use a splash of color and I love this fabric!

I checked Savers, no luck on lamps but I did come home with this:

 A brand new, hanging kitchen towel in a Fall motif. Local stores are bursting with Fall decor, I can't really rationalize spending tons of money on these items, so we reuse what we have, and I allow for small treats such as this one. We use 2 daily in the kitchen, in lieu of paper towels.
What I especially liked about this one is that it is a doubled over, thick Cannon towel. Nice quality. I spent $1.05 with tax.

So, our list is smaller, and I will continue to scour the second hand market for our wants/needs:

-Dining room side board/hutch
-another lamp for my bedroom
-a bath rug for the master bath (LL left one behind, it's on it's last legs)
-a wall hanging shelving unit of some sort for the hall bath, to get the clutter off of the small vanity, allow users to store daily beauty products conveniently
-night table with drawers for DD
-a rug for DD (we're most likely ordering one from JC Penney, using a 15% off coupon)


Marcia in rural WNY said...

My granddaughter bought a ginger jar lamp without a shade a couple weeks ago--and they had two for sale marked $170-something for the pair. She told the guy she wanted one and she wouldn't pay over $60 for it. I know she paid too much, and I thought her mother had a similar one in the attic, but she says she gave hers away to someone else. DGD has the right idea but doesn't know prices---I think $15 or 20 was closer to its' value. Anyhow, she hasn't found a shade she likes yet, but she does have an eye for furnishings, I have to admit that. I have two floor lamps in my living room---one I paid about $300 for (after living with a $2 auction buy and a relatives' cast offs for 25 years) and the other was $30. I buy what I like, price is secondary. The expensive one was purchased because both DH and I liked it, and our tastes in furnishings seldom line up that well. The $30 one was marked down to that in JC Penney's, and I bought it when I was alone, but he likes it too. It had been more but I don't remember how much--not a lot, certainly. You got a great deal on the tables!!

Belinda said...

I like the hanging kitchen towel. I especially like the doubled over ones. I have given them as Christmas gifts before.

I like the tall candle stick style lamp too. So pretty.