Wednesday, August 20, 2014

More home furnishings on a budget

Today's errands brought me to the city, so I popped into Habitat for Humanity, in an effort to find some lamps, perhaps other items  on our list: night table for DD, a rug for DD, a lamp timer, lamps, extension cords.

No luck with lamps, but I did buy some items:

 Just under $47 towards a good cause:
 2 extension cords for living room lamps
a drop side, oak side table for the Den made by Broyhill. $40.


Lena said...

Nice find!! Our Habitat has a sad selection of quality furniture but nice wood trim options and ceiling lights.

Marcia in rural WNY said...

Since you mentioned the Habitat Resale Stores, I have located two just by driving different places in the past month. Neither is anywhere that I would visit often, but I know where they are now, when I get to those areas again. My house is fairly OVER stocked, rather than under, but you never know when something will need replacing. Already I am thinking of some room darkening shades or curtains for our room. The light comes in from the east in the early morning, and we are not early risers! Spring is the worst season for this, but I'm tired of my husband throwing up swim towels over the curtains and need to solve the problem permanently.
It's on my list.

young77 said...

Good to be reading your blog again and catching up! Your new home is wonderful and You are doing an awesome job settling in. I'm so happy for you and your family. Shirley

CTMOM said...

Home depot sells room darkening (white) panels. I think they go for $20-$25 each. HTH