Sunday, August 31, 2014

More home furnishings and a freebie

 My list of home furnishings to acquire continues to shorten. This week, I picked up the above lamp from someone, as I was commuting back home from work. I needed another lamp for my bedroom, which is North facing and none of the rooms (except dining room, hallway and kitchen) have ceiling lights, so lamps were needed. I previously posted about other lamps that I had purchased. This lamp was posted on a local town's Facebook tagsale page for $25. I emailed the owner, asking if she'd consider $20. She accepted. Great, as $20 is my to price that I want to pay for a lamp.
 This matches beautifully with my bedroom decor. The owner stated that she thought it was a Pottery Barn lamp, but when I got home, I found out (sticker on the bottom of the lamp base) that this is actually a Laura Ashley Home lamp! My valences are LA as well, which is why this coordinated so well. I went on line, and comparable LA lamps, per their website, retail for $139. Egads! My $20 lamp suits me just fine. : )
DS #1 had a now in the military but home on leave friend stop by for a visit, T. brought me these HUGE courgettes as he calls them (he's British) from his Mum's garden, stating that he remembers that I like to bake cakes and muffins with them. Very thoughtful. Now to break out the Cuisinart and shred them, freezing the veg in 2 cup increments for another frozen asset. I may also chop some for soup, spaghetti sauces.

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Belinda said...

i love your new LA lamp. What a great deal. I gave away my daughter's trampoline on one of those Facebook yard sale pages, they are really great for picking up items like that and getting rid of things too. The trampoline went like hotcakes, lol.