Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Closing doors


Well, it's finally done. With torential rain in the forecast, I brought what few outside items remained at the rental, inside the rental yesterday, figuring that it'd be easier to move dry items in the rain, which hopefully would lessen come morning, which it did. In question was a ceramic bird bath, a propane gas grill tank, a wrought iron bird feeder shepard's hook, 2 large planters.

This morning, I spent 2 hours cleaning the rental (oven, fridge, counters, sinks, toilets, shower, vacuuming). I then loaded up the 2 large planters and came home for recruits. We got everything but the bird feeder shepard's hook  (too long for my car). So once home, I called my friend who lives near the rental and asked her to grab it, store it in her garage until the next time I see her for a cup of tea (perhaps this Sunday).

Came home, took a shower, went back to the rental to photograph some possible "concerns" and to meet the Realtor for a final walk through, to turn in keys,collect payment for my seasoned firewood on the premises. All seemed to go well, we discussed the wood stove issue, and our suspicions on the handyman billing the LL for work he never does. Apparently he did just that to the Realtor and she has banned him from her properties! Wow!

I sent some requested info over to the Realtor, told her to keep me posted.

More medical stuff on the horizon, as I have some testing done tomorrow. Have to do it now, while my deductible is met.

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Marcia in rural WNY said...

I'm glad you're down to one property to deal with now, and hope everything gets put away and settled easily. We moved so many times when we were young and husband was in the military. I got to hate it after a while, but we were able to stay put by the time the kids started school. We only moved a couple times after that and finally bought a house where we have been for 36 years. Although I'm intent on cleaning the attic and basement and decluttering everything eventually, I really hope not to move ever again!