Sunday, August 24, 2014

Car maintence


When I drove to pick up DS's GF from work last night, I noted that my tire pressure light was on. Hmmm . . .so this morning, I had DS use his tire gauge to check the tires. Sure enough, one was down to 17 psi, not good. So, I carefully drove DS to work today, and we tried 3 gas stations (no air pump, remodeling, it's broken) and I ended up driving a bit to where I knew one existed. I went inside and asked someone to help; a young kid checked the tire, and we both saw a metal nail. Darn. So, he filled up the tire, and I placed 2 phone calls to tire dealers in the area-both seem to be closed on Sunday. I then called DD and asked her to check on Sears automotive center, and luckily, they are open today. I carefully drove over there, waited about 1 hour, and fortunately they were able to plug the leak instead of replacing the tire. One could hear the hiss of the tire once I parked the car. So, $20.21 with tax plus $5 tip to aforementioned kid who helped me at the service station.

I simply didn't want to deal with it in the morning, as it would have made me late for my first day back at work. Athough it's a casual day, filled with meetings between breakfast and lunch, it still would be bad form in my book. So, I hope this is resolved for the moment. I am actively saving for a set of snows come November; the tread on the current set of tires is still very good.


DW said...

Don't know what tire dealers you have ... we have Discount Tire here, which offers free repairs if you buy your tires there. Might be a service to check into when you buy your snow tires.

CTMOM said...

We have Town Fair Tire, which is where I intend to get my new tires/snow tires. They offer free flat repair, but are not open on Sundays.

Kelly Campbell said...

Not exactly the same issue, but, for most of the winter, every other week due to the extreme cold and/or tons of snow we had this year, one of my front tires would appear to be "flat" Thankfully, the auto service place I frequent it technically at the end of my street. Also because most of my family members also go there, I got my tire fixed for free each time. Only caveat being I had to wait about an hour before heading off to work. Good problem to have though.

mikemax said...

This exact thing happened to me this morning (the 28th)! I drove over to Les Schwab Tires (very big in the NW) and they fixed my flat for free. It is hard to get it done on a Sunday, though, and you did well to take your car to Sears. It's always something, isn't it? We have all-weather tires on this vehicle (a 4WD pickup) and I will be taking it back in 6-8 weeks for a free tire rotation. (We have snow tires on the van and the winter and spring changeovers take care of rotating).