Saturday, July 12, 2014



Taking care of business is the theme of the past few days:
1-got my taxes done, including an amendment to my last year's return (divorce complication). I got some refunded, I owed some. In the end, it's almost an even wash, so good to go.
2-car taxes arrived, paid those off immediately. Budgeted for monthly, it's not a big deal.Only $200 ish.
3-returned to surgeon. Inital cast off, new one on (PURPLE!)for 2 weeks (thank you! it was supposed to be a month more). I am doing awesome, as far as healing goes. I will get this cast off and immediatley see my OT also located in the same city, and get a custom brace aka "spica" made so "I'll be more comfortable"-per the orthopedist.
4-DD heard back from her accident claim. She will receive $8300 for a car she only paid $6500 for. Nice. We knew she had a deal when she bought it. She still owes the bank of Mom $3900 but has faithfully made $200/month payments to me (and yes, we have a written contract)
5-been shopping on line for a replacement car. Luckily, X has been allowing DD to drive his spare car (my old van)but he is in the process of trading it in, actually he's going today to a dealership to try to close the deal, so I may have to taxi her around until the replacement car is found. She wants to go up to Manchester today to see an option.  She wants her refund monies first before closing on any deal. We mailed in the signed off title, they should have it Mon, mail her a check-I anticipate she'll be made whole by the mid to end of next week.
6-College boy finally returned to an eye physician (one we used for years in the same practice no lomger takes our insurance) only to be told, after the exam-you need to see Dr X-yet anotehr MD in the practice who is the only one now under our ins. who treats eye muscle issues. naturally, he's booked BUT we were able to get a late Aug appointment (before my met deductuble situation expires) He can also order his glasses (desperate for new ones!). Done. Phew!
7-going over to see a rental today (one where DS and GF could move in with us). Keep fingers crossed! Meawhile, DD and I wrote down some items for discussion/contract for the 2 of them, clearly spelling out expectations/financial obligations/house rules. Laying all of the cards on the table to avoid any issues down the road.

Need to figure out dinner tonight, and for how many. Sandwiches/burgers? something easy on Saturdays.


Lili said...

That's great about your daughters car pay-off. She deserves the extra amount, for all of her troubles in dealing with the accident, the loss of use of her car, and now the hassle of finding a new one. I hope she can find an equally good deal on her next car.
Oh and good luck with looking at the rental!

Mary Lou said...

That's wonderful for your daughter that she ended up getting more than she paid for the car. Hopefully, she will find something within her budget. Good luck to her.

As far as the housing situation, I do hope you can find a good rental that will work for all your family members. Since your older son and gf are receptive to moving it, it will give you some more hands and money to help out for another couple of years.

CTMOM said...

She has found several within CT, dismissed one as the engine was replaced (Dad the mecchanic said to stay clear of that one) and will go to a city well North of here on Monday evening to see anotehr contender. Still looking to get back into a Honda civic with low miles, good fue economy.

CTMOM said...

We saw the prospective rental today, we all liked it very much. (see other post)and now we wait. Had a frank discussion with DS and GF, going over house rules/expectations, There will be a written document created, expressing the requirements to become a lodger. : )
Trying to avoid any possible problems.