Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Today's freebie: moving boxes!

Pictured above is the stack of moving boxes I grabbed from a community member this morning-literally a street over! We have a town tag sale page on Facebook, and these were posted last night as a freebie! Perfect timing! A combination of moving company and Home Depot purchased boxes with a few Amazon ones tossed in. I have 4 rolls of packing tape on hand, several bits of saved Kraft paper to repurpose as well. I am trying to keep a keen eye on what I am packing, setting aside things along the way.

Today's punch list:
-take down all curtains for laundering in the next few days (weather finally cleared, anticipated forecast is great until Sunday afternoon)
-remove all curtain hardware that I want: rods and brackets that hold them to the windows (single window, double window, tension rod, cafe curtain) leaving the long, triple window rods here. Very few rods were left when I moved in, so what few I am leaving-let's call it square. I am also leaving the Wm vinyl privacy blinds in the bedrooms and the main bath
-monthly cleaning service here, after they vacuumed the area rugs, we rolled and tied them, removed the pads underneath (stored those)and tossed one from the DR "porch" as it disintegrated due to the bricks underneath (retained solar heat I guess)
-I also called the business office and scheduled an appointment for the new house to get a quote for services there
-Landscaper here, told him of our move, gave him the new address and told him to give me a quote within the next few weeks. I asked him to continue coming here once/week ( usually Wed) but the week just prior to this lease running out, to come that Fri
-called the electric co to get power in my name at the new place (didn't cancel here yet, as I am uncertain of our exact last day. While I have until 1 pm on 8/14, I am certain that I'll be moved, this place cleaned before then)
-called the cable company. Their ads are accurate-very easy to switch homes. In fact, I was entitled to a moving promo, which reduced my current bill by $7 (Netflix is $8-so awesome)AND we are back with the cable package that I had to move down from last Summer/Fall due to cost. I arranged an appointment for my cable/Internet install.
-called the Newspaper (have had a billing issue for months that still needed to be straightened out) and arranged for delivery at the new place
-mailed out Postal change of address forms. Sure, one can download them and do it on line-at a $1/person fee. No thanks.I went to the PO and got the forms myself.
-finalizing arrangements for a second hand CL dresser for DD. Actually here in town, too. Trying to coordinate w/ college boy for pick up tomorrow.
-got 3 boxes packed, will move to stuff I can garbage bag: sheets/towels kind of stuff next.

Tomorrow, more business calls to make. Heard from the realtor (of course not the LL) in response to my email yesterday. She called asking if she could come by and try the key, leave a lock box. Sure. Wanted to know how I wanted to handle showings. (nothing in my lease addresses this). She asked if they can call my cell-sure that is the only phone I have. She asked if it was Ok if they called and just left a messaage on my cell then came over. NO! I told her that I am not trying to be difficult, but we are still living here, special needs kid is in school, siblings could be sleeping, and I am not comfortable having anyone here if my kids are alone (w/o me). For example, I have a medical appt next week, my phone will be off. A realtor calls "we're on our way!" and walks in the hosue unannounced, to my kids? No 'mam! She agreed to a 24 hour notice. I told her that they would have to set up an appointment-I have numerous appointments/commitments coming up. She was OK with that. Supposedly the paper work was faxed to the LL today, realtor wants to come back and take photos (why not save prior ones?)but she will be disappointed as my home will be far from "staged" when she does return. Shrug. Not my issue.

Got a good start on things, it's becoming very real that I am moving. Very excited and filled with anticipation!


Lili said...

Don't forget to switch back the light bulbs, so you can take your cfl's with you!

I agree on the realtor having to give you 24 hr. notice before showings, and not when you're not there. I'd feel the exact same way, and all of my kids are technically adults.

nemuineko said...

I've had realtors do the same thing to me in regard to showings, and it always amazes me that they think this is normal. A LL can't enter without 24 hour notice, why should they be allowed to? I had a cat that was /very/ temperamental, to the point of attacking strangers if I wasn't home at the time. No, it's no okay to enter without warning, I don't want my cat put down because you didn't give me notice!

Mary Lou said...

What progress you have made in a short amount of time.

I swear it's better to have less time since the more time you have the more you tend to drag your feet. Though you probably don't since you seem very organized.

This is so exciting! I think we're all dying to see your new home if you feel you can post a few pictures before or after you are all settled.

Good luck with the actual move!!

Nancy said...

You are very organized and I am impressed. The 24 hour notice thing is standard so don't let that realtor act like she's doing you any favors. I would take pictures of any areas with issues (the dripping faucets for example) in case the LL tries to keep your deposit for whatever reason. Did you take pictures when you moved in? If it was me I'd email both the pictures of when you moved in and when you move out to the LL just in case. The LL's failure to respond has me a bit worried. It seems as if anything she doesn't want to deal with (repairs, you moving) she ignores. I think that you will be so much better off in the new place and I am so happy you found it!

CTMOM said...

thanks for the reminder about the CFL's!

CTMOM said...

We also have 2 indoor cats. I'm most concerned about my kids more than anything else!

CTMOM said...

I'm such a type a, get it done kind of a gal! I make lists and make short work of them when possible!
Photos will be posted of the new place in a few weeks.

CTMOM said...

We didn't take photos when we moved in, but I do have a slew of correspondance with the LL. When she received my email taht I was not renewing, she contacted the realtor, not so much as a thnaks for letting me know. @@ We will be filming this place when we move out.