Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Terrific Tuesday!

Woke up to delightfully cool, Fall like temps-love it!  This weather pattern is to hold through the weekend, perfect timing as we embrace our upcoming  move. Pictured above are my ingredients for supper: planned over chicken cacciatore sauce with the meat that was leftover, shredded before storing last night; a crash n burn can of tomato paste, a box of whole grain (sale plus cpn) spaghetti. The sauce and tomato paste is now cooking away in the Crock Pot, all I will need to do is cook the pasta later tonight, to be served with freshly grated Parmesan cheese, if desired. The sauce is chock full of vegetables but I will still offer some as a side dish, whatever I pick out of the freezer ($1/16 oz bags of veg purchased before I found out that we are moving).

Food planning is getting more and more interesting as we run out of key staple ingredients. Bfst options this morning: oatmeal, toast with choice of spreads (jam/butter/peanute butter), Greek or low fat vanilla yogurt with honey if desired and fruit, planned over Italian sausage-Kale quiche.

Lunch-I am thinking of making a small soup out of some homemade chicken stock, some l/o Chinese food take out (college boy) rice, whatever fresh veg I grab out of the produce drawer (thinking scallions, celery, wax beans). Serve with saltines.

Laundry has been run daily, even combining whites with colored just to get it done. I've posted my washer/dryer on the town Facebook tag sale page (free posting) to try to unload it before we have it moved on Friday. At that point, if still unsold, I'll store it in the garage (luckily we all drive smaller cars), repost it on the FB page as well as Craigslist, explore used appliance stores to see if any exist that will give me decent $ for them.  The new rental comes with a brand new, LG washer/dryer front loaders-awesome! I figure that I can recycle the monies from the sale of the w/d into my moving expenses-every bit helps. I'm also "cashing in" my credit card reward points to cover the costs of the paid handyman service that I recently had here to switch things out.

I just posted on a FB tag sale page to purchase a 2 lb bread machine for $15. I am down to one, and it's making a terrible noise. Given my OT issues, this is a real workhorse in my kitchen. For less than the cost of 3 loaves of good bread, I can continue to make our own bread at home, as well as pizza dough, rolls, hot cross buns, etc.


young77 said...

As usual everything is organized, meals look so good! Good luck with selling your w/d and you've inspired me to look for a bread machine that needs a new home. I keep meaning to ask - what does "crash and burn" mean? I'm really good at finding orange markdown stickers now!

CTMOM said...

Young-"crash n burn" is the moniker my now college boy gave to marked down canned food. Dented cans, crushed boxes=reduced costs.

DW said...

Carol .. if you can't find a bread machine ... give the thrift stores a look. We found our current one at Goodwill for $10 ... it was barely used.

CTMOM said...

DW, to be clear, I've had 4 (?) ABM's in my life-2 were Freecycle deals, 3 were bought at thrift shops ($8 , $12, $30?). The one I bought today through a Facebook town tag sale (free posting) was $15. It's a twin to the one I have left. Breadman, 2 lb. Works perfectly well. The older one makes a horrendous noise upon occassion, I fear that it't on it;s last legs. Also, with DS and GF moving in, we'll be a family of 6 again. Making 2 loaves at a time just makes sense.