Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sunday supper: quiche!

This week's Sunday supper: a chicken sausage-organic Kale quiche. I had planned on using chicken-apple sausages but discovered that we were out, so I grabbed my last package of chicken-red pepper-garlic sausage (Italian inspired) and that will have to do. I have some sharp Cheddar in the fridge which is starting to mold, so that will have to be used today., along with a bit of monteray jack and another bit of NY state Cheddar that I prize, as well as the rest of the eggs (now officially out), and some instant milk to save the fluid milk for the next few days. I also have a package of pie crust to use, so I will use Frugal Queen's quiche method. 

Sides: 2 vegetables. I am thinking steamed carrots (want to use these up), steamed organic  rainbow Chard.

Sliced organic tomato with option to drizzle some Italian vinaigrette if desired.

A dismal day, weather wise. The air just seems to be clinging over everything. The house is closed up, the bedroom A/C is on, fans are blowing the cool and dehumidified air about. Thinking cool thoughts. A friend is supposed to come over after church this afternoon so as to catch up and share some iced tea. Looking forward to some "girl time." DD will be working, the boys are with Dad until supper time tonight, so it'll be nice and quiet here. : )

Here's a new to me recipe for a fresh blueberry torte that my friend brought over this afternoon.Delicious! I asked her to forward the recipe to me.

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Lena said...

Yum! Your dinner sounds delicious!