Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday supper: the clean out continues

 Tonight's Sunday supper gets several things out of the freezer, and the fridge. My last package of turkey breast cutlets were turned into turkey roulades, thanks to a small container of frozen stuffing. I seasoned the roulades with salt, pepper, onion herb seasoning, paprika
 I baked them off for 25 minutes to help them to take shape and get some color
 meanwhile, a container of turkey gravy and a smaller container of mushroom gravy (leftover from a pork chop dinner) were combined and heated through
 This gravy was added to the roulades before covering them with foil and returning the pan  to the toaster oven
 Sides? leftover broccoli and cauliflower were moved to one side in their dish, leaving space for a bit of leftover corn. This will be reheated in the microwave
Can't peel spuds at the moment, but I can mix up a batch of instant potatoes, seasoning them with soft margarine (out of stick margarine, have only 2 sticks buttter left),salt, pepper, onion powder and using some aeseptic box milk. Amongst other staples, we are out of milk, so I've turned to my emergency shelf milk. Best to use this now, rather than have to move it.

My supper:


Linda said...

Mmmm, I want that for my breakfast!

young77 said...

That looks delicious!