Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sunday supper and Summer gas usage


Sunday supper menu this week: grilled/broiled (iffy weather) lemon-garlic seasoned pork tenderloins (Aldi's markdowns), buttered mini Farfalle seasoned with a garlic-herb salt free seasoning, tossed salad with choice of dressing, home made apple sauce, steamed frozen broccoli florettes. Banana creme pudding (mix) topped with some slivered almonds for dessert seekers.

On June 25, one week past the last day of work, I topped off the car, putting in $9.31 towards gas (averaging $3.89/gallon, I don't have my receipt but it's obvious that I used little fuel). I skipped a week, but on July 11, I put in 6.7 gallons @ $3.89 or $26.06 worth of fuel. With all of the running around lately, this is awesom. I love $13/week gas bills.

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