Wednesday, July 9, 2014



Seems that a family of 6 squirrels (one dead in road so now 5) is living in the yard. Recently, I awoke to find the corner of the kitchen sink window screen lifted up (it's attached onto the window frame from the outside,held to the wood by thumb tacks-interesting)and some bread I had drying out missing. We scratched our heads. I fixed the screen, replacing the popped off thumb tacks. Next morning-same deal, screen lifted but since I didn't have any bread out, so missing snack. @@ Fine, I kept that window shut, opened the other side (large picture windwo inbetween)where there is no porch railing, thinking that woule be a deterent. Same problem, knocked down some glass bottles, but no food out to intice.

 I bought a stapler at the hardware store and will have a kidlet staple the screen in place. If the squirrel comes in again-chicken wire?  I also recently found a tear in a window screen. Not sure if it was an animal outside or one of teh cats. Regardless, I am repairing it. Yes, good tenants DO exist. : )

Landscappers here today, lawn mowed and trimmed. I even had them address some vines creeping up the side of the house, making it hard to operate crank out style windows, as well as some "weeds/underbrush" in the planting beds/shrub area next to the house. Although I asked for some mulch to be put down last year, it never happened, LL never responded back regarding it, so the beds are a mess of dirt/weeds. At least they are cut down now.


Nancy said...

Wow those are some pretty determined squirrels. I think the staple idea is a good one. I'm assuming that it is too warm to close up the windows in the kitchen at night.

CTMOM said...

We ruled out possum & racoon, based upon the small opening. Never had this problem before, this is my third Summer here. No A/C in bulk of house, so yes, windows are (and had been) left open to allow evening/morning cool air inside.

Ms. Sandie Apuzzo said...

We had a squirrel get into our basement once through the garage, husband never wants to re-live that tustle again. Good Luck keeping them out, don't want you to deal with finding one in the house when you get home.

Linda said...

Look for a strong metal screening material -- we got brandnew windows and a squirrel chewed through 1 screen to come in and another to go out -- and NO food in my sewing room. We had to pay extra for a pet resistant type of screen. SORRY that you continue to have these time and money eating complications. How is your hand???

CTMOM said...

The screen material currently on the window has been there for years, based on the quality of the metal screen material as well as the faded, multicolored thumb tacks 9blue, red, yellow, green). I had college boy use the staple gun I bought at teh hardware store and secure teh screen with it. Out of fear, I kept teh windows closed overnight, but they are now reopened, allowing cool air in.
Hand is doing well, thanks for asking. i see the orthopedist tomorrow.

Belinda said...

Wow, those squirrels are relentless. My Dad had a bear pop the screen off one of his open windows to his kitchen and he was looking for food too.