Sunday, July 6, 2014

Simple Sunday

Up a bit late, about 6:15 this morning and solicited help for making breakfast, which ended up being choice of plain or blueberry (frozen DT berries) pancakes (C & B deal) with gifted to me, real maple syrup. OOJ and coffee served alongside. Extra planned over pancakes for tomorrow morning.

Needed to think about lunch, once again we are almost out of bread, so I decided upon this:

using a smallish pkg of fzn kielbasa, some older potatoes, oil, a chopped onion, we'll make up a sausage and potatoe skillet dish, spicy mustard on the side.

Supper is already simmering away in a Crock Pot: a container of fzn, homemade spicy Italian meatballs in a bit of spicy sauce  (, a pint home canned organic tomatoes, a 29 oz can tomato puree, a good splash red wine, herbs/spices, 4 beef bouillion cubes, the dregs (2 Tbsp?) of a bottle of seafood cocktail sauce (idea came from the spicy sauce used to make the meatballs, as it contains horseradish as well)just glad to get it ou of the fridge especially as I don't see us having shrimp cocktails anytime soon!; a qt baggie of fzn zucchini slices that really needs to be gone! Smells awesome in here already! I added the zuke to stretch it a bit as i only have 8 meatballs, and if DS#1 and Gf join us for Sunday supper, there wouldn't be 2/person, as I usually serve. While I did freeze a small container of 4 of the aforementioned meatballs, I already gifted them to DS and Gf. If they come, this will have to do. I changed from penne to large shell pasta as the penne was already opened and I want to cook a lb, to have enough for supper and to allow leftovers for lunch Monday. Freshly grated Parmesan will be offered as well as a side dish of fzn broccoli.

Continuing with a pantry challenge, I hope to make a gingered peach crisp for dessert, using these lurking jars of peaches and substituting 4 pkts of maple oats for the plain oats and sugar, used in the topping. Greek or low fat vanilla yogurt offered as toppings. No ice cream on hand, the pint of whipping cream is spoken for.  I may run over to Aldi's for a few items, which are staples. Really trying to limit expenditures this month and next, however.

May get a load of white clothes done and line dried today. I have some towels to mend on the machine, which I have yet to attempt  to use.

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