Saturday, July 26, 2014

Sewing and mending are vital skills

in my frugal household. I am glad that I was taught how to sew/mend at an early age, also taking sewing classes in Junior high, as well as high school. I also took classes through the County extension service on tailoring. These are skills that have served me well. Case in point: a very, very sad towel the college boy's girl friend had in the laundry this week. Besides being down right ripe in areas, having frayed edges, there were multiple holes in this towel, and one edge was ripped unevenly.

 I cut off the worst part, sewed new seams all around (gotta use up that Chartreuse thread that just doesn't seem to ever end!). It must have originally been a huge bath towel, as it still remains a good sized towel.
With the part I cut off, I fashioned 2 "towel rags" by doubling over the fabric after I had sewn new seams to keep the edges from fraying. This is the front view of the rags.
Back view: you can see where there is a large hole in the right one (sewn down so as to stop it from getting worse), the left is a bit lopsidded at the lower edge, and the right one is missing a big chunk of fabric in the upper right.

When presented to the GF (I had asked ahead of time if she wanted me to "work my magic"), she was visably thrilled. I showed her the towel rags, and she immediately said, "Oh good, 2 wash cloths, too." : )
So, it was a good deed, well received. Turns out that when she left a former living situation with her sister, she asked for some towels to take with her. This is what she was given. @@ She thinks that the sister's dog had gotten to it, still-the worse towel in the house? Poor thing has been using it as is since Feb. I told her to speak up, I sew/mend weekly-even back at it a bit now, as I recover from my recent hand surgery.


Marcia in rural WNY said...

I totally agree these are essential skills. Even my DD, who is not exactly into things domestic, has been known to hand sew a thing or two to keep her daughter's clothes in service. For bigger jobs she comes to me for the sewing machine. I usually do it for her because of years more experience, but at least she is aware that things can be saved. Her just-graduated from college daughter was going through some clothes she left here (she's lost 16 lbs in the past year) for older things that might fit again. She found quite a lot, but she was thrilled when she came upon an old favorite sweater with a quarter sized hole in the back. Grandma, will you fix this? Sure thing--a little patch to secure the stitching to, and it's functional again.
Towels are one of my favorite items to give "first aid" to---I stitch a zig-zag on the selvage ends, usually twice on each, cut off any frays, and literally get additional YEARS use from them. And the veterinarian accepts worn towels for pet use. They always need more because they send the pets home with them half the time.

young77 said...

What a great opportunity for the GF to learn these great skills from you. Learning these skills will enhance her life beyond measure especially living on a tight budget.

DW said...

That's what her sister gave her? Poor kid ...

Personally, I'm very grateful my DM fought my HS adviser -- and won -- over my taking some sewing classes. I'm not the world's greatest sewer, but those skills have saved me a good chunk of $$.