Sunday, July 20, 2014

Saturday supper

Saturday supper is traditionally soup or sandwich night here, a day "off" pretty much after cooking most of the week, on a day when I tend to have a lot of things to accomplish.

This Saturday's offerings:

 Choice of homemade bread or 2 remaining grinder rolls (purchased)
 Aldi's cold cuts:  roast beef or Ham; sweet gherkins
 cheese offerings: sharp Cheddar, Swiss or Kraft American slices
 organic lettuce, assorted mustards, mayo
 organic cukes, purchased tomatoes (Aldi's)
 homemade coleslaw
Deli night at CT on a budget, here's my supper plate, a roast beef/lettuce/tomato hoagie roll with mayo and mustard, black pepper seasoning on the tomatoes. Hit the spot, easy to make up your own plate, and we're using what is on hand.