Sunday, July 13, 2014

Prospective rental update


The prospective LL emailed me last night: 

Hi Carol 
I'm still waiting on D. from X reality to run the credit/background check. But I did get the vent/light for the bathroom new door locks landscape lighting bulbs and lots of miscellaneous and I have it all scheduled for install next week along with the Boiler installation. I have one A/C unit I'll have it put in. The couch and love seat/ottoman you can have for $300. I'll leave the sunroom furniture for your use if that's okay with you, it really looks nice out there perfect fit. I arrange a stove/chimney cleaning to. I'm very happy your excited about renting my house and love the location and all that it has to offer. You and your family make a perfect fit. I wished I could have met your twins. 
Thanks I'll talk to you when I know more. 

So, it looks like we await the formality of clearance on the credit/background check but we'd be good to go. I don't count my chickens until they are hatched, I need a signed lease in hand. Knowing the amount I have in the bank, my credit score, my record of no debt/good payment history-I don't anticipate any issues. I also gave 2 personal references from the community, who have known me for 17-20+ years. Should be no issues. Employment can be verified tomorrow when the offices open. Only possibile negative would be my current LL groussing abour repairs. Prospective LL was advised about our current living conditions, and that there has been some strain in getting matters addressed. I really don't think it'll be an impediment. 

My final rent check is due to be postmarked 7/15. I hope to have a signed lease by then, so that I can contact the current LL and advise her that I will vacate on 8/14. keeping fingers crossed.


Mary Lou said...

Sounds very promising. Again, fingers crossed and it's wonderful she got back to you so quickly with an update.

Tracy Hathcock said...

She sounds like a lovely person. Hoping it all works out!

Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed that it all continues down a smooth path!
Have DS1& GF agreed to your terms of being housemates? Heaven forbid - but if their romantic connection should dissolve is the house still a viable option for you and the rest of the family?

CTMOM said...

Yes, I've gone over "house rules and expectations" and they are well aware that there will be a contract for each of them, clearly stipulating their obligations, both within the household, payment of rent as well as payment towards groceries. They are aware that if they fail to meet these expectations, they are OUT. Yes, I can cover the greatly increased rent over what I am now paying. Just would impact my ability to save towards my next purchased home.

CTMOM said...

Mary Lou
It's been so refreshing to deal with a live person, and one who has been especially pleasant to work with. Hope to get confirmation today that this is a go.

CTMOM said...

Yes, she is very nice, no pretense,a "real person"-KWIM?