Tuesday, July 15, 2014

New furnishings whenever you move?

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I am in the middle of affluenza. Upcoming move has us evaluating our posssessions: what stays, what goes, what do we need. Typically, around here anyway, people unload last seasons clothes(even though there is plenty of life left in them), buy all new, too small clothes from same sex sibling given away and not handed down to other child-ditto household goods. It seems that many are perpetually re-doing their household furnishings, 

While I did acquire some HH furnishings 2 years ago when I vacated our marital home, I first addressed needs, then creature comforts. Most was obtained on the second hand market. Funds saved up for in order to purchase new items. 

As we anticipate a move in a few weeks, a list is being created of needs: silverware drawer divider (going to check if one is built in first), a long dresser for DD, a shower caddy gizmo for storing shampoo near the shower head in the bathroom. So far, that's it. 

Once we're settled, I'll post photos of our new rental, but those who followed my move 2 years ago will note that they see the same items we have here, moved to the new location. It's definitly a "use what you've got" theme. Some items may seem "new" such as curtains-the LL is leaving some behind, I have some in storage, I will refashion some, I will sew some (hopefully from my stash).


Rachel said...

Whenever we have moved we have always just used what we had. Typically we have only had to get mini blinds (the cheap kind from Big Lots) and/or curtains. When we moved to our current rental, we didn't have to buy a thing beyond new shower curtains. :) Good luck with your move!

Anonymous said...

I always bought a new shower curtain liner for a new apartment. I kept each move as light as possible. My last relocation had me changing states yo move back here to be with now hubby. Left the love seat, and bed behind...and didn't buy any furniture. Once we combined household goods we had a tag sale and got rid of duplicates,

I had some rough woven muslin curtain panels I used in 3 apartments. Each time seams were ripped out, washed dried and re-fashioned to fit each apartment. Later recycled into Star Wars obi wan kenobi robes for a Halloween costume and a Christmas pageant Shepard costume . Certainly got my use from those :-)

Marcia in rural WNY said...

You have only to look around in my place to know the stuff is not new. I bought a really nice sofa from sofas and chairs and now sofas and chairs has gone!! The closest is 2.5 hours down the Thruway. I'm sure it can be recovered elsewhere, but a disappointment still. There are always a number of things needed in a new place, but I call them "39 cent items." Little things that just need to be purchased. We moved around 15 times before we bought a house, having been a military family for 8 years. Now homeowners for 36 years and hoping not to have to move again. Good luck in your next home.