Monday, July 28, 2014

Necessity is the mother of invention

I previously wrote about my custom spica that I now wear while my thumb continues to fuse. For comfort reasons, the OT gave me a knit tube to wear over my hand and a small peice of a gauze material for the thumb itself.
It needed a cleaning as it developed a funk. So, into the washer they went and I tried just wearing the Spica alone-not a plan! I found it to be very irritating, almost chaffing the surgical area. What to do?

I saw a spare, lone sock (other long dead) on my dresser. I had college boy cut it to my specifications, creating my own version of a tube to protect my hand:

Not bad! nice, soft, cotton and designer-it was a Ralph Lauren ankle sock that I upcycled.

All clean and fresh! I now have one to wear, one to wash. Awesome! as I have to keep this on until Sept.

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