Saturday, July 26, 2014

Moving update and a couple of freebies

Making business calls to confirm that the upcoming move for the first is a go. Only hitch is I won't have access to my friend's Suburban until the 10th so I am thinking of asking college boy to call and see if he can't keep the rental truck an extra day, with me paying for the extra day. Best to use a larger vehicle than go back/forth with a compact car. : )
Won some lavender essential oils from Lili on CreativeSavv-nice!


I also reaped the benefits of the bumper crop of blueberries at the organic CSA this week, and picked about 3 pints extra for the freezer. Tripple nice! We have been very pleased with this latest CSA.

Bfst this morning: blueberry muffins, some POM juice, vanilla yogurt and/or hard boiled egg(s) for protein, coffee
Lunch-grab what you can out of the fridge
Dinner: a tub of meat/zucchini spaghetti sauce in stretched with a large can of stewed tomatoes and simmering away in a Crock Pot, to be served over a blend of the rest of a jar plain ziti and some boxed Rigatoni with lines, topped with Parmesan; tossed salad with choice of dressing , some l/o mixed vegetables.

This will be a day of packing as well.

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