Thursday, July 24, 2014

Medical update

 Returned to my orthopedicc suregeon yesterday, my purple cast removed and being super careful, I immediately drove myself over to the hospital rehab center to have my OT make a custom Spica brace. So nice to be able to gingerly wash my hand, which remains orange from the surgery.
The Spica is removeable for showering, otherwise, it is to be worn 24/7 to ensure that my thumb stays in position and fuses properly. Meanwhile, I am to work at getting my IP (upper thumb joint closest to the nail) to  move again, gently coaxing it multiple times/day. I won't start formal OT therapy until 6 weeks post-op, which is Aug 19th. I return to teh MD on Sept (he's on vacation 8/19-9/7) Should a problem arrise, however, there are other hand specialists in the practice.

Meals were simple Wed: usual bfst choices, lunch leftovers, and dinner for just DD and I:

Planned ahead, precooked, organic CSA potatoes joined some BSCB that I marinated in DT Ital dressing, steamed, organic CSA green beans. Perfect. Leftover, aka planend over green beans and BSCB will appear at lunch today, on top of salads.

On the car front, the check finally came in the mail for DD's totaled car. She put down $500 on another up in Manchester, now we have to make arrangements to deposit the check, get another made out to the car dealership, and schedule pick up. I am thinking Mon morning.

Last night,we had some terrific thunderstorms blow through around 9 p.m., the time I am getting ready for bed. I ended up watching a tv show with DD, staying up until about 10:30. When I turned in (DD stayed to finish the show), DD brought my cell phone to my night table, and I noted a voice mail message, sent @ 8:50 p.m. that apparently, I didn't hear go off. The message was. " Hi Carol, this is XX, your neightbor from down teh street on X road. I am a realtor with XX. I have a family who are on vacation in VT, leaving tonight to come to X town, breaking their vacation early to come see some rentals here. They are desperate to find a rental in X town, so that their child can attend the schools here. I am estimating that we'd be at your place tomorrow, Thurs between 3:30 and 4 p.m. I am calling to confirm this appointment. Please contact me . . etc." 

I was miffed. Really? an 8:49 p.m. call is OK? also, I specified with the realtor who represents the LL (same realty firm as this realtor)that I'd need 24 hours notice, minimally, for a confirmed appointment. 

So, this morning at 5:50 a.m., I texted the realtor, as she requested, advising her that while today won't work, tomorrow between 11:30-2:30 or 3:30-4:30 was ok, please confirm and advise, 

We ARE still living here, after all. I'm not trying to be difficult-but am I being overly sensitive to this? 

I need my coffee! Lots more packing to do, I need to make several business calls today, most associated with the impending move. I await a confirmation call from this LL's plumber about coming out today (have waited 1 week) to address 3 dripping faucets, 1 shower that drips heavily, non stop, like it can't be shut off. @@ we are on a well/septic. Sigh.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like this move and your hand surgery have been pretty stressful for you.
It was kinda late of the realtor to call, but nowadays it seems that 9 pm is the unofficial cut off for business calls/telemarketers to be rude.

You let her know it was inconvenient timing. Here's my only advice part though:
1 who cares if the house is in a state of disarray - you warned them you're in the process of moving -they need to look past it and get over it
2 while LL has been a pain about repairs, you want all your security $ back. Play the nice tenant game, then they can't accuse you of being difficult when they try to re-rent the place out again, and make you wait for your security $ back.

How goes the spackling? Is that something your twins can help with? Or packing up their belongings - all those kid treasures?

Moving just sucks - and is stressful. Make sure you save a day (or part of a day for you to chill out & relax)

Mary Lou said...

JMO, but I would probably let them keep that appointment. But I would make it clear to that realtor that this is it. I'm allowing it this one time ONLY since these people are not local and need a place to live. Any other appointments the realtor needs to honor my request for appropriate notice.

CTMOM said...

Thanks for your feedback. To be clear, the realtor representing/listing this home made an appointment for yesterday to come and take more interior photos of the rental (they have 6 older photos on the webpage-only the kitchen as an interior shot). I told the realtor when we arranged the appointment that we are packing, the house isn't staged. She saw for herself, agreed that she'll have to return once our possessions are moved. Yes, my plate is full while getting this last minute move taken care of. In the big picture, it'll be a much better situation for us. I am doing the packing, I am home (no work)and being careful. DS # 1 is helping with removing picture hooks, etc. We will spackle, although not required in the lease, and former tenants left nails which remain in the walls all over the house. Yes, I want all of my deposit back, and I honestly am not trying to be difficult. The posting for realtors specifies that the current tenant minimally needs 24 hours notice for a confirmed appointment. I don't want strangers just showing up, when kids could be home w/o me (I have a special needs child).
DS # 1 is paking his appartment, schlepping smaller boxes/totes etc here for later transfer, hoping just to leave furnishings to transport in a rented pick up. DD is responsible for her possessions. DS's 2 & 3 have culled thru possessions, not much for me to pack up. Clothes staying in dresser, I've packed up extra bedding. Hanging clothes will be placed over the back seat of a car-easy. I've been packing up the kitchen (big job) and my room. It'll get done, and yes, we are stress/anxious for this to be over. : )

CTMOM said...

Mary lou
From the message the realtor left, these are locals hoping to move to this town (great schools) before school starts (kid entering public schools). They were supposedly traveling back early from vacation last night (but wouldn't be surprised if they had to stop-the weather was that bad!)so as to see some rentals in town. There are 4 within the same price range (2 or 3 bed, 1-11/2 bath) currently available. I see no reason why the first 3 couldn't be shown today, and they are welcme to come here tomorrow *(I sent 2 time frames). Today just doesn't work, I have a business appointment this afternoon, DD works until 8 p.m., as does college boy-so kids would be home w/o me.

Lili said...

I feel for you, Carol. I know people make business phone calls late, nowadays, but I don't think it's appropriate. I have a woman who coordinates volunteer work that I perform, and calls me after 9 PM. I'm in bed between 8:30 and 9 most nights, as I have to get up incredibly early. I accept her calls, as I want to do this work, but I just don't get the need to call so late.

I don't think you're being unreasonable. I know the realtor is just trying to get the place rented -- business is business. But you have some rights as the paying tenant.

Soon this will be over, you'll be moved into your new place, and life can move forward for your family.

Now for some good news -- your name was drawn in my mini-giveaway. Send me an email with a mailing address. I can send the packet at your new place if you'd prefer. Just let me know, and I'll send this on your schedule. My email -- lili.mounce *at*

Hope your day improves!

Mary Lou said...

Well, Carol that's different. I thought they were from out of town. No need to inconvenience anyone. This is all the realtors doing. She must want to get it all done in one day.

Oh well, stick to your guns then.

Jean said...

My LL texted yesterday morning to ask if she could show my apartment at 2 yesterday afternoon -- then never showed up.

Nancy said...

My GF V has noticed that '24 hours notice' isn't always 24 hours when dealing with realtors (he is trying to sell his house). Apparently "24 hours" means they can call and schedule for anytime the following day. GF has a dog which needs to be removed from the home before any showing takes place and the realtors are told this. And yet they show up early (twice now I've been there picking up the dog when they've arrived a good 30 minutes ahead of schedule) and in one instance showed up at the original time after they'd called to reschedule for a different day without notice that they were going back to the original appointment and then got upset that the dog was there. IMO You need to continue to be firm with the realtors (I'm sure the LL has no idea what goes on with them), after all you've paid your rent for the month and you are still living there. And if I'm not mistaken the LL cannot hold back your security deposit because you couldn't accomodate a showing.

CTMOM said...

You are correct: there is nothing in the lease that mentions letting the LL in to show to prospective tenants. CT state landlord-tenant law is quite clear: 24 hours notice of a mutually agreed upon time for inspection/repairs. I am trying to "work with them" but the realtors are unreasonable.

CTMOM said...

You are correct: there is nothing in the lease that mentions letting the LL in to show to prospective tenants. CT state landlord-tenant law is quite clear: 24 hours notice of a mutually agreed upon time for inspection/repairs. I am trying to "work with them" but the realtors are unreasonable.