Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Making some extra cash

 Sold my second hand washer today, after posting it on my town Facebook tag sale page.
I've got $200 in my pocket as a result. Now to hopefully unload the dryer before the movers come Friday. If not sold, I'll still list it, can sell it out of the garage at my new place.


Catherine said...


mikemax said...

Love this! The day she moved into her new home, my friend LindaW discovered she then owned two sets of WDs. She had me list her old set on craigslist for $350. I said they were "only driven on Sundays by a little old lady," and she had a call in the first 10 minutes. They were gone at full price within 2 hours! I'm sure you'll get your dryer sold.

CTMOM said...

The movers are coming at 9 am, so I guess it's coming with us, and I hope to sell it soon, out of my garage.