Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Latest project

 I simply have a ton of these shopping totes. Most, if not all were freebies to me. From the design of the Stop and Shop logo, I know that I have had some of these for a very, very long time. Comparing the quality of the fabric on this old one to some newer S & S totes, the new ones are definitely of thinner material. I wash these often, mend torn seams, but have been finding that most have small tears in them-not sure how.
I decided to double these up, placing one worse bag inside a second one that didn't have as much damage to it. Using some freebie or cheaply acquired, Chartreuse colored thread, I sewed 2 bags together to double them up. I repeated this with multiple bags.

I now have significantly shrunk my supply of tote bags (good).
I now have significantly stronger tote bags (good)
Cost: $0 (good)

It's all good as DS #1 says.

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