Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Keeping cool

 Breakfast this morning incorporated the l/o sauteed squash from last night-omelettes!
 Ham, zuke, Summer squash, onion, peppers, Cheddar, Ham omelettes. Coffee/tea, toast served.

Lunch was mini Farfalle (a c& b deal) in a quick marinara I made. Freshly greated parmesan on top. I cooked all of it, on purpose.
The leftover marinara was frozen, the precooked pasta refrigerated until before supper, when I created this pasta salad: mini Farfaalle, organic vegetables: scallions, cuke, cherry tomato, basil;  black olives tossed in a homemade Italian vinaigrette. Delicious on a humid and hot night! Planned over, cold roasted ck drums, iced herba tea rounded out the meal. Pound cake, defrosted frozen mixed berries and the rest of the heavy cream, whipped and sweetened.

The grocery list grows, more and more space opening in our food storage. It's all good.

Realtor for this rental came by (had an appointment) to take more photos for the web posting. As I had warned her, we are actively engaged in getting this place packed up, ready to go, it is NOT staged. She saw, stated that she'll come back after we move out. @@ Told ya!

Mover came and made a list of what I anticipate having his firm move for me. I should receive a quote tomorrow. Date of Aug 1 is still a go, would be confirmed when I get the quote.

Managed to do 3 loads of wash (DS and GF had things to be washed before storing away). Medical appointments took me out late afternoon, stopping to fuel up before coming home. $29 in gas but there has been lots of running around.

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