Thursday, July 17, 2014

Just getting it done


Busy today, up @ 4:45-but at least it wasn't to get ready to go to my employment, I had plenty to tend to at home:

 Got the Crock Pot set up early with a spaghetti sauce.

Started washing my pile of curtains, getting 2 loads out on the line to dry. Third load of wash today was towels-placed in the dryer.

Took DD to a medical appointment, then I brought her to work. I returned home to meet my friend with a Suburban and my older DS to go over to the Craigslist poster's home in town for DD's new to her dresser.
Got that out of the car, into the house. Friend had to go run some errands, so before DS left, I had him shape some thawed ground beef into some patties for our lunch: cheese burgers, fzn tater tots (last bag).

This afternoon found me picking up DD from work and then heading over to the bank (her pay day) and I inquired about setting up automatic rent payments to my new LL. Since she uses a different bank then me, even though I am a "premium level" customer, there is a$3/transaction fee. Hmmm . . .I agreed to do direct deposit (LL spends 6 months here, 6 months down South)as LL is never sure where she will be and she wants to be sure that the funds get to her bank, no issues. I figure she can either drop my rent $3/mo OR inquire about mailed in deposits to her bank-as my bank's customer service rep suggested. I'll have to speak to her about this.

I called Mom, wished her a Happy Birthday.

I called the chimney sweep, left a message to schedule a cleaning

I called a moving co., made arrangements for a rep to come here next Tues, write up a quote. If I accept their terms, I can schedule for the 1st-my target date. As of now, they are pretty open.

I called the oil co that I use here, arranged for a top up, as required by my lease, for the 8th of August ( I must be out 1 p.m. the 14th-planning on sooner than that, however)

I e-mailed the LL's current landscapper, asking for a mowing and Fall clean up price quote.

I phoned the plow service I have a contract for, left a message, he called me back. Per my 3 year contract, since I lease, I can break the contract, forfittting my contract fee. : (    BUT, the owner told me that he could just transfer the contract to the new place. I asked him to get back to me with a quote for the new rental. This service is expensive, but they always came and did an awesome job.

I phoned the handyman service, arranged to have them come out tomorrow and switch out my programmable thermostats with the rotary dial ones originally here, and to remove my 3 solar powered, motion detector spot lights up on the roof.

I called my rental insurance company, they suggest that I call back the 28th (closer to my move date) and transfer my policy to the new address. Although I am moving, should something happen, regardless of where I reside, it's covered. Good to know. I thought I'd need 2 poivies overlapping.

This afternoon, I packed some more. The pile of freebie boxes is shrinking, I may need more-esp. for dishes. Food stuffs that remain will be transported in totes, extra HBA has been boxed up already, my sewing is mostly boxed, as are towels, all bedding save what is on the beds.

It's been a long day, I am tired, sore. Glad to cross a lot off of my list.


Mary Lou said...

JMO,but if I had to take the $3 hit for the LL to get her check I think I would since she sounds much more cooperative and willing to take care of items before they become an issue. As I said JMO. Good luck with your decision.

Again, everything seems to moving along nicely and I love the bureau you found for your dd. Looks like a perfect size with an adequate number of drawers for her to work with.

DW said...

Sounds like things are moving along nicely ... you're much more organized that I ever was in a move, LOL!