Tuesday, July 22, 2014

August 2014 menus

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Normally done by the 15th for the upcoming month, I am a week late this time around. With input from my family, after seeing what is on hand, here are the dinner menus for August. Note that the youngest will be with me the first 3 solid weeks in the month, with no visitation (my exclussive time) so meals are planned for Wed and Fri. Since DS #1 and Gf are joing the family unit, I will continue to plan for meals for 4 on both Wed/Fri moving forward. I anticipate moving some of these days around, due to diet restrictions prior to medical testing, but this gives me a strong idea of what will be on our dinner plates, as well as some items to list on the grocery pad

*CSA continues thru Thanksgiving, so vegetables are TBD, as is salad fixings

1-moving day: order out pizza, purchase sodas ahead
2-sandwiches (may* purchase coldcuts as well)
3-roast whole chicken 9fzn), mashed potatoe
4-broiled salmon fillets(fzn), rice
5-ground turkey (fzn)-dried pinto CP chilli, homemade corn bread
6-ground turkey (fzn) sloppy joes
7-CP chicken cacciatore, rice
8-planned over: cacciatore sauve over pasta
10-marinated London broil (fzn), roast potatoe
11-horseradish encrusted Swai, rice
12-CP beef (fzn) spaghetti sauce over spaghetti
13-birthday celebration: TBD
14-ground turkey (fzn)-dried pintos tacos, corn
15-homemade pizza
17-CP Swiss steak (fzn meat), egg noodles
18-tuna casserole
19-CP stuffed peppers (use fzn beef)
20-ground chicken (fzn) burgers
21-roast chicken drums (fzn), buttered noodles
22-marinated BSCB over salad
24-pork chop(fzn) bake, apple sauce
25-salmon burgers (use canned) on rolls
26-CP calico beans with Kielbasa (fzn) sliced in, coleslaw
27-marinated pork tenderloin (fzn), potatoes
28-black bean burgers
29-lazy golumbki casserole
31-meatloaf (use fzn beef), mashed potatoes

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