Thursday, July 10, 2014

Housing options

Here are some new developments as regards my housing options (lease is up mid Aug):

1-stay put. It's cheap to rent, not ideal, $$$ to heat. Great location, only 2 more years that we should stay in this town (complicated divorce issue)

2-a 3 bed/2 bath more on the other side of town just got posted on CL. Avail Sept 1 (but I finally heard back from prospective LL, she'll start showing it "in 2 weeks" so I am guessing Aug 1). LL asked when I was looking to move (told her ideally Aug 1 as lease expired 2 weeks later, this would give me time to move,clean). Wanted to know about my employment and who I'd be living with. Told her I've been a town resident since 1990, continuously employed teacher since 1987. Would be with my children and 2 indoor cats (allowed). I asked for more info (again)-which appliances, what about the sizes of the guest bedrooms-would they accomodate a set of twin beds for example? I await a follow up. This rental is at my max. Possible savings with anticipated reduction in oil bills. No idea about fireplace/stove as a backup.

3-another CL posting, this time for a 4 bedroom/2.5 bath Colonialon this side of town, from the 1970's-yes, they had insulation by then! Wood stove on site (awesome). This is $500 over my max BUT I spoke with college boy, simply exploring an idea-absolutley no commitment, but how would he feel about moving back in with Mom (he'd be bring the Gf with him). Written house rules in a contract with him/her, rent to be charged, as well as "rent" of $100 each to cover their groceries for the month. No set amount determined, again this was a fishing expedition. I told him that if he turned the idea down, I'd immediately eliminate this third option. He just left to get the GF at work, he'll talk to her about it. I've already heard back from this prospective LL, the house has all appliances, rooms would all accomodate a full/queen bed (has a king in one of the guest rooms). I have an appointment to see the house on Sat morning, taking DD with me. I don't do CL ads alone. : )

Just exploring options



Lili said...

I know this is a tough decision. So many things to consider. I'd be happy for you all to be warmer in winter. From what I recall, many of your DIY projects to help hold in heat at current house, could also be moved to your new house.
Good luck with your decision.

DW said...

Only worry on the 3rd option would be if DS or GF should lose a job (or GF should depart). Would that stretch you too much?

Baroness Prudent Spending said...

Hi Carol, Love your blog and never leave a comment.

I think it would be great if DS#1 moved back home. Give him a chance to become more stable, save money etc. (btw - what does he and his GF do?). It's hard asking for help from parents especially when you are of a certain age and sometimes you just need an extra year or two to get your feet on a solid foundation. Hope he is amenable to this idea.

~ Pru

CTMOM said...

Yes, lots to consider/weigh. A house built in one piece from teh energy crisis 1970's vs this poorly cobbled together (although charming!)1940's home SHOULD mean a significant drop in oil bills. Energy savings measures would continue to be employed, wherever we end up.

CTMOM said...

As much as I want to give a hand up, not a hand out, the third option, while it would benefit both my HH budget as well as DS and GF's, worse case scenario and neither or working (DS is the type to always find something-he will soon be "small farm" watching while owners are away), if I HAD to cover all of the rent in option 3, it would not bankrupt me, but would seriously impact my ability to save for my next home, yet I would STILL have savings every month. I am trying to determine what I'd ask for their rent, in addition to $100 ea towards groceries, and am leaning towards the difference bet my max if just me and 3 kids vs the increase if going with house # 3. They would be closer to work= save gas, cheaper food and consistant availability which I have been providing anyway, lower rent than currently paying=a chance to put some savings aside.

CTMOM said...

DS and GF are both in low wage end retail. Neither have college degrees