Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th of July!


Happy 4th! A quiet, family celebration this year, with DS #1 and Gf joining us for a marinated Sirlion strip steak (recent marked downs-a RARE treat here) dinner cooked out on the grill. Sides will be homemade roasted potatoes, fzn butter/sugar corn. Homemade Angel food cake (box mix) with homemade rhubarb-vanilla bean sauce, fzn mixed berries and homemade, whipped cream for dessert. I also hope to get bread and a tray of brownies baked off. I am severely limited in my abilities to cook, so am relying on the kids to get it done. So far, they haven't disappointed. : )


We are feeling a bit more blessed this 4th, as DD was in a car accident yesterday, just 30 seconds before arriving to work. While I haven't seen her car, from her description, it looks much like the one above, except she was "T boned" on the passenger side. Windshield shattered, tires flat. She is very, very lucky. Declined medical help//check, her chief complaint is of a sore shoulder where the seatbelt locked in, and a sore back. She's tskin OTC pain relief. I cautioned her to feel free to go get checked out, our ins would cover it all, and if confirmed that the other driver was at fault (ran a red light)then their ins would be responsible. Completely the fault of the other driver, police/emergency aid called, car towed to her Dad's place of budiness, and awaits an insurance adjuster but a tech at the shop already told her, off the record, it's totalled. We await the official word, however. Stinks that she recentl had body work done on her car, from her Winter accident. Sigh. We don't carry collision on her car, but this wasn't her fault so I assume that the other driver's ins. company would be compensating her. BMW SUV vs small Honda Civic, 'nough said. So, we're shopping for a replacement car now.

Storms blew through last night, breaking the head and humidity that was oppressive. Got the house opened back up and since it's chilly, I actually had to put on a robe, not that I am complaining. : )


Lili said...

Oh, how scary! I hope your daughter is completely fine and has no further problems. And I hope she can get her car replaced quickly.

Hope you and your family have a good 4th!

DW said...

Oh, gee ... glad your DD is OK (though I agree, she should go get checked out.) Hope you can get things squared away with a minimum of hassle.

Belinda said...

Hope she is doing OK, Carol. Scary thing for sure.