Saturday, July 26, 2014

Grocery shopping when a move is imminent


When I confirmed that we are actually moving (back on Juy 15th when I signed a lease), I advised the family that we would not really be grocery shopping until we moved into the other house, we are to eat down what we have. We have been doing just that, which is apparent by what is in the fridge and freezer. My grocery list is long. We're out of many things, but making do on the short term.  This week, I did cave:

-a gallon of milk, a qt 1/2 & 1/2 from IGA under $8 (no receipt in front of me)
-2 take n bake pizzas, a head lettuce from Aldi  $12.27
-tub ice cream, bottle ginger ale from IGA $4.38

One essential that I felt I had to get as well, is toilet paper. We're down to one extra roll, but will be here 6 more days full time before moving. Luckily, CVS recently sent me a 30% off coupon that I downloaded to my card (printed out at store), AND another free CVS brand product up to $3 in value. Off to CVS we went: 1 100 count pkg of CVS bandaids (another essential), one 9 count package double roll CVS toilet paper. $6.83 out the door, saving $6.18 in the process. Nice.

Looking ahead to the next week, we should be OK, organic CSA pick up is Monday, we have plenty of produce on hand and have been enjoying it. Should we run out of milk? I will probably cave and get one more gallon but not more. If we run out again-that's probably it.

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Grammy Goodwill said...

I am right where you are. We're moving Friday and I opened my last 4 pack of toilet paper today. Wednesday I have to defrost the freezer. We've eaten as much as we can from it. We ate 10 popsicles yesterday. hehehe Good luck with your move.