Monday, July 28, 2014


The day has come when we can go up to Manchester and pick up DD's new to her, replacement car, following her accident. This will be the second car we have purchased in this city, life is much more affordable outside of Fairfield county!

On the homefront, more use it up continues. Bfst is the usual: choice of cold cereal w/o blueberrries or toast with assorted spreads (jam, butter, p butter), coffee or decaf tea. Lunch will be tuna salad sandwiches with choice of tomato, sliced American cheese. Dinner plans: chicken cacciatore using 2 pkgs of fzn chicken thighs, the rest of some white wine, a can of tomato sauce, 2 pints organic home canned tomatoes, my last can mushrooms, some fzn peppers and onions, assorted herbs. This will be served over the last of my brown rice.

In lieu of a salad (no lettuce on hand), I offered what I call a relish plate, served as is or with a choice of Ranch or Italian vinaigrette dressing. All organic vegetables from the CSA.

As I know that this will provide extra sauce, any leftover meat will be shredded off the bone and added back to the leftover sauce, with this planned over sauce being served on top of whole grain spaghetti tomorrow. Tues afternoons have a long standing medical commitment, so they are notoriously busy. Planning ahead avoids convenience foods/take out and keeps my budget in check.

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Mary Lou said...

Great looking car. Hope your dd has good luck with it and enjoys her new "ride".