Thursday, July 10, 2014

Digging deep and getting creative

 Today finds me digging deep into cabinets, the freezer and the fridge to cobble together bits of this n that and create a meal. bfst was the usual cold cereal, choice of organic blueberries; OJ, coffee. Lunch was to be a cooked meal. Like my former mountain of rice (all white, Basmatti, jasmine is gone and just enough brown remains for supper,if needed, then we are completely out), the mountain of pasta is also dwindling. Today's lunch inspiration: a gallon jar of Farfalle. (still have spaghetti, egg noodles, soup pastas of various shapes, Wacky Mac, penne, large shells, ditallini, elbows, orzo as well as both reg and mini farfalle) Just need to come up with a sauce. To the awaiting pot: about 2 Tbsp l/o grnd turkey sloppy joe sauce, about 3/4 quart l/o sauce from the Italian style ground lamb meatballs (no MB remained)with zucchini, approx 2 slices grnd turkey-grnd beef meatloaf cut into "square meatballs." Glad to get some lurkers out of the freezer.
 Here's my lunch plate, choice of freshly grated Parmesan available. Best part: 2 servings remain for the twin's lunch tomorrow.
Tonight's use it up theme supper: ham-pineapple fried rice, using a pkg cubed l/o ham from the freezer, planned over cooked brwon rice, additional brown rice (if deeemed needed), organic CSA vegetables: Chinese cabbage,sugar snaps,scallions, asparagus, mustard greens, some purchased fzn peppers and onion strips; sesame and canola oil, drained canned pineapple tidbits, scrambled egg. I made this a month or so ago, we really liked it!

Here's tonight's version. I'd like more color in this dish, but my purpose is to use what I've got. : )

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Sharon said...

I'm inspired by your ability to put meals together with what you have AND they look delicious!