Saturday, July 19, 2014

Busy, but working my way down the list


As I mentioned recently, once I had my signed lease in hand, I created a to do punch list, and have been working my way down it. I've addressed the following within the past few days:
-electric service set up to start 8/1 (will wait to cancel it here, as my end date is up in the air, definately by 8/14)
-cable/Internet set up to be transfered 8/1, appointment made
-contacted the newspaper, delivery moved to new home, effective 8/1
-picked up change of address cards at the post office, completed them myself vs going on line and incurring charges
-final deep clean by my monthly cleaning service, appointment made for a walk thru at the new place 8/1 to get a quote for that home
-funds temporarily transferred from savings to checking to cover 1st month + 2 months security
-last rent check posted to current LL, enclosed a note that we are not renewing, also e-mailed her this info, affording her 30 days notice

-free moving boxes acquired, more getting obtained now. I suspect that the package stores will become my BFF's for a while. I priced out Home Depot boxes (small $0.74, med $1.21, largem$1.46, Xl $2.12) Freebies are much more budget friendly.

-everyday, I target specific areas to pack. There are multiple areas of the house that look like this. I am culling as I do; delivered 2 kitchen bags of donations to Goodwill this morning, on the way home from a kidlet's lesson.
-chimney sweep is coming out this Fri, agreed to disconnect my wood stove that is coming with me
-spoke with my current landscapper, asked for a quote for the new place. I also e-mailed the new LL's landscapper, asking for a quote. Have yet to receive a reply so I'll phone Mon.
-contacted my plow guy. He's expensive, BUT does an awesome job! I was worried that my decision to buy a 3 year contract this past year was a mistake. He is letting me simply transfer it. Same charges for plowing at the next rental, phew!
-Handyman service here yesterday, my solar lights are removed, and my programmable thermostats as well, switching back the rotary dial ones originally here
-contacted the oil company for this rental, made arragements for my final top up, 8/8, as required by my lease. Provided my forwarding address
-contacated HR about my new addy, effective 8/1
-contacted a moving co, have an appointment Tues for a quote
-acquired a second hand dresser for DD, under budget
-contacted my bank about changing my address
-contacted my renter's insurance about switching to the new rental, advised to call back the 28th to do so
-had DS # 1 remove wall pictures, sconces, mirrors, bulletin boards etc
-had DS # 1 remove all curtain hardware (rods, brackets as well as nails/screws used)
-removed all curtains, scatter rugs. All are now washed, folded, and packed away.

Some additional things I hadn't planned on or anticipated:

-scratches on wood floor (see earlier post)sent me to the local hardware store this morning for a Minwax "pencil". Someone on a forum I follow also suggests Old English scratch fomula. I may have to move to that if this pencil doesn't do the trick. I don't want to lose any of my security deposit on this place. I also bought some new, felt pads to place under the legs of furniture.
-I again e-mailed the current LL, alerting her that in addition to the 2 dripping sinks that she has been aware of for months, we have a 3rd dripping sink but worse yet is the shower, which drips non stop. She ignored my mention of this in my email that ends our lease/nonrenewal, so this e-mail was to alert her again about the sinks and to update her that the shower basically isn't shutting completely off, to the point that we can no longer keep the door open for ventillation as the force of the water is causing splashes outside the shower, onto the bathroom floor(note that one steps up and over  to enter into the stall shower). I mentioned that this home is on both a well and septic. She finally responded, advising me that she called her plumbing service, who will get back to me Mon to set up an appointment.@@
-new tags for the cats. Although both are indoor pets, I have them wear ID tags
-we are not grocery shopping unless it's vital for a meal. 3 gallons of milk, a pkg of grinder rolls were purchased over the past few days.

-we are eating/using up whatever is on hand. Case in point: today's lunch: some large shella pasta, some ziti baked off with the frz bit of spaghetti sauce, the l/o marinara in the fridge, the l/o meatballs in the fridge, some home grated parmesan and mozzarella. Fed 6, one lunch container for DD to take to work Sunday.

4 days into this moving prep, I feel that I have made really good progress. I am certain that I'll think of other things to address, such as my washer/dryer. I think I will post them on line (town Facebook tag sale page and CL) and see if I can't unload them by the 31st. How much should I ask for a 3 year old GE top load, stainless steel drum washer, and a 3 year old GE dryer (not a match but close)?

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Diane Sommer said...

You can request boxes online through the US Postal service, totally free of charge. You are only charged for them if/when you mail one of them, and it is added to your shipping. Another option for cheap, sturdy boxes vs. buying them.