Tuesday, July 15, 2014

An absolute flurry of work going on!

Image: http://sunrise-constructions.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/Remodeler-h.jpg

Went over to the new rental today, got a fine tooth combed, and now signed lease in hand, made arrangements for a final walkthrough checklist to go over once I have keys, with a clause in the lease to bring any unknown/overlooked/forgotten issues to the new LL's attention within 3 days of moving in (or the 4th day of the lease). LL will also go over the quirks of the house, show me where the water shut off is kind of a deal.

A flurry of activity was going on, driveway full of contractor's vehicles. In progress:
-interior paint
-new boiler
-2 new sink vanities/sinks/faucets as well as mirrors/cabinets
-2 new light/ventilation kits put in 2 bathrooms where showers are located
-tack down the carpet in the upstairs hallway (entire upper level had wall to wall. It was removed in rooms, kept just in hall and on stairs to buffer noise. Floors refinished)
-last energy efficient, new window installed, wood trim now going up and being painted
-under cabinet lights replaced
-broken refigerator drawer ordered
-nickel battery for under cabinet can opener ordered
-msc lightbulbs replaced
-oven cleaned
-house being emptied of personal possessions, getting ready for a tag sale
-a dumpster on site for remodeling refuse  as well as junk from the house
-new seal on Mbath shower door (glass)
-power washing of the deck
-removal of yellow jacket nests

I purchased the Den couches, got a bill of sale from her. I also asked that the curtains remain (they are). She offered additional things (grill? day bed? etc) but we're in good shape.

Mailed my last rent check (has to be postmarked by today, the due date)along with a note to the current LL, advising her that we are vacating at the end of the lease and also alerting her that besides the bar sink and powder room sinks that she already knows about, one of theain bath sinks and the shower drip constantly. She may want to contact a plumber on this. @@

So, tomorrow my cleaning service comes as normally scheduled, then we pack, stacking stuff on the just cleaned floor. I found and responded to a Facebook community tag sale post for free used moving boxes (awesome!) and have to coordinate my pick up.

May everything go smoothly!


Nancy said...

Carol If you need more boxes a good place to get them is Gordon Food Service if you have a location near you. The wholesale clubs and Aldi also have boxes available. ]
Wishing you the best of luck on the move. I'm excited that you have found a place that will benefit both you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the new house will be an oasis compared with the current one. Investment property takes effort.

Good score on the den furniture. Rooms with no set purpose become a giant junk drawer with a door. Furniture gives it a defined purpose.

Good luck getting everything packed up & purged through