Sunday, July 20, 2014

A soap experiment, tweaking what I normally do

 I have previously shared how I deal with soap slivers:  Part of my incentive is that while I left one extra bar of soap out for the kids, I forgot to leave one of mine (all packed for the move)and my current bar was down to just more than a sliver. I anticipate taking 12 more showers here before our move (in high temps, I will shower more frequently). Do I open the box of HBA supplies? do I try to make do?

I recently watched a You tube video about someone who uses the microwave to repurpose her soap slivers into a "new" bar.  I figured that I'd give it a try as I am still significantly restricted due to my casted hand. I cut up the pieces and placed them in a glass measureing cup. I microwaved them for 30 seconds at a time, stirring with a wooden tongue depressor in between. I used approx 2 minutes of time.

I dumped out the thick concoction into an awaiting, mini Tupperware container

I used teh aformentioned tongue depressor to pat down the cooling mixture and tried to smooth it out. It is now cooling off/hardening in the fridge (to hasten to process-the video person just set it out for 30 minutes) before I attempt to unmould it.

Stay tuned.

Update: Here's the hardened, cooled down soap cake. I much prefer this method, initially due to my OT issues, but also because, like in this afternoon's case, I mixed different colors of soaps together in order to create this new one. English lavender soap, Dial soap as well as soap that originally was in shapes (bunnies, sea shells) became a nice, thick, circular cake for me to use the next 12 days.


Courtney said...

Just stick the sliver if soap on the new bar it will become one :)

CTMOM said...

I have read that some do that, I have never had luck doing so-perhaps due to my OT issues. This method works for me, I anticipate doing it again, once enough soap scraps/slices appear. I was scrounging today, to gather soap in order to create a new bar to get me through until we are in the new rental.

Marcia in rural WNY said...

I usually just stick the old one to the new one too, but understand the desire to make do without re-opening and closing what's already packed. I'm on a tear to declutter and simplify things around here, so we don't have to spend the winter months moving stuff around in order to clean the corners. I've been constantly trying to declutter, but stuff comes in faster than it goes out. It has to stop somewhere!!

CTMOM said...

We've only been here 2 years and I keep a bag on a certain door knob for too small clothes etc so that the stream is constantly out the door. That said, I've already dropped off 2 kitchen bags to GW, and 2 more were filled today. Boxes of books will join the next delivery as well. I pass by the drop off center on Tues, so no special trip will be needed.

young77 said...

Ingenious! I now know what to do with slivers of soap! Thanks once again for teaching me something new!

Anonymous said...

I usually take the bar soap bits and toss them in an onion bag that hubby has by the hose on the shed. Everyone knows that if your hands are grimey you wash them out there before coming in. The onion bag helps scrub off the dirt & allows the soap to dry out....also emits a fragrance hopefully deterring critters near the shed

Lee Ann said...

That is so cool i my just try that when my body washes run out