Saturday, July 5, 2014

A simple Saturday

Absolutely perfect weather in my book: sunny, breezy, dry and a bit on the cooler side *actually wearing a light, 3/4 sleeved cardigan over a dressier T). Managed to get a load of clothes/sheets hung outside, another to go in a bit. Resorted to the dryer for a few loads recently, due to high humidity/rain. We're back on track. Yellow jackets seem inactive, so also safe again to hang out.

Simple bfst of toasted homemade honey wheat bread w/ p butter, OJ, coffee. I had DD slice up all of the bread before leaving for work today. DS #2 helped make a sandwich spread a la Hormel, using the food processor, we blended roast turkey with some mayo, black pepper, tarragon, dried minced onion. it's chilling in the fridge until lunch today. Home brewed iced, herbal tea made last night (we make 1-2 batches daily) and some Aldi's fig bars, lunch is set. Dinner: I thawed some BSCB last night, which are now marinating in some Dollar Tree light Italan dressing. We will broil/grill these and serve with planned over brown rice,as fzn or canned veg TBD. DD gets home after 7, so after supper, I'll ask for her help making a quick peach crisp using some lurking jars of gingered peaches, and maple oatmeal packets. I have both Greek and low fat vanilla yogurt to offer on top for Sunday's dessert.

No shopping this week, we're making do, eating what's on had, although I did have DS #1 grab a jug of milk for us the other day $2.99 for groceries this week.

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