Friday, June 27, 2014

Who is responsible?

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Prior to my moving into this rental, huge (think footto 18 inches across) wasp/hornets nests were noted by the realtor in several locations on both this rental home and the rental cottage next door as well as some sort of carpenter bee/hornet in the garage/shed on my side of the property, and she had them removed, billing the landlord. (former tenant was ill for some time, passed away, so I assume the home was vacant for a few months before he died). Fast forward, we've had mice/voles inside the home (living area), I contacted the LL, she sent her handyman over to place decon baits down cellar. This, plus having 2 cats who catch prey for me, has stopped the rodent issue in our living space. I encountered a dead mouse down cellar as recent as this past Spring. 

I've noted the return of the wasps/hornets in 3 areas under the eaves of this rental. I bought spray chemical, we sprayed at night, as directed. They continue to thrive. @@ The nests are being built up more, now about 4-5 inches in width, at the widest point, I estimate. I have also noticed some sawdust above the garage door, with a new burrowing hole above, and many insects flying about. This is all in the same area that was previously infested. 

Per CT landlord-tenant law, all rodent and pest (no definition of what a pest is) is the responsibility of the LL. Nothing in my current lease addresses this. 

So, just who is responsible to remove/treat these stinging insects?


Lili said...

Ack! I don't do well with stinging insects. I'd be freaking out!

I would assume that especially due to former problem, this could be considered an on-going pest problem. Can you obtain records from the exterminator or statements from the realtor to the effect that wasps were an issue prior to moving in?

The laws differ from state to state. In Calif, if the property becomes inhabitable because of the infestation, then it's the LL responsibility. Have you looked into health and safety ordinances concerning wasps and hornets for your area?

It's a gray area in most states. You may be stuck negotiating a split in the exterminator fee. Look at your contract. Is there anything about peaceable habitation of the premises for the tenant? This could be a negotiating point to begin on your end.

Good luck!

Frugal Queen said...

Go up a ladder and spray a couple of cans of Raid into it - dead in seconds

CTMOM said...

I did purchase a can of Terminix wasp/hornet spray (shoots something like 15 feet away) and had DS # 1 do that late one evening 10 pm ish when it was dark. Didn't seem to work as they are still active, at least in the one that is lowest to the ground. I was hoping to avoid contacting the LL on this.

CTMOM said...


The LL may have had a warrenty, if I recall correctly, from the extermination company used prior to our move in, Aug 2012. I assume that it wouldn't have been longer than one year, however. Last year, no issues but clearly they are back! This is a safety issue, especially as the one lowest to the ground is near the oil tank out back. One is way up at the pitch of the roof, right at the area where the 2 sides of the pitched roof meets. The third area is under the eaves, near our back deck/dd's bedroom aka porch.

I feel that this has to be quickly addressed before it worsens.

Anonymous said...

I get the $4 can of wasp/hornet killer at ocean state job lot - it's worked great every time (even when I used a leftover can from the previous spring). It's a yellow can. Not a name brand but kills them dead! The way I like wasps& hornets.

Those carpenter bees do loads of damage fast - they aren't too smart or aggressive so if you can get a picture of them coming and going from the hole, email that to the LL as well.