Thursday, June 19, 2014

We're officially in Summer mode here!

Up early as usual yesterday, my last day of work until the end of August, so I declare that we are officially in Summer mode here, and on a more limited budget than usual. Off to work, to wrap up some loose ends, finish and submit  some end of the year reports. I saw few students, as anticipated, was out the door @ 11:30 a.m.

 Back home, I deemed the weather no longer "iffy" for rain showers, so I hung out the load of colored clothes, a second batch of sheets was started, then a quick meatloaf sandwich was made and I filled a to go, reusable cup with a free to me Sprite and ice, and headed out the door, to attend a meeting at the HS for special needs kidlet, eating as I drove across town. Back from the meeting, I hung the load of sheets out. All was dry and in before supper, which ended up being for 4 with DS # 1 and the GF joining DD and myself. We had pan fried hotdogs in buns, canned baked beans, l/o coleslaw, tossed salad with choice of dressing.

Summer weather is something that we've got to contend with. While I do have A/C units in both my and the twins's bedrooms, the rest of the home doesn't have A/C-unless I wanted to invest some serious $$ in protable units, which I do not wish to do. So, it's the following methods for staying cooler:

.The house hits 80 degrees (was 81 yesterday), then I consider A/C in my room, where I have a small TV and a sitting area for possible entertainment.
A/C is kept at 78 degrees, using an energy star unit.

 Kidlet suffers in the heat, so this is vital. Doors to this area are closed off,

Blinds are closed,

the bathroom's box fan is removed from the window, set on the floor and run to circulate the cooler air.

What about the rest of the house?
 3 entry doors are opened,
 all windows are opened,

3 slider units are opened,
 but the covered glass section is kept covered over by curtains to keep the sun  out

Oscillating kitchen fan makes food prep much more pleasant

Ceiling fans help to keep the cool air down near us, as the many cross breezes blow through the home.

Lots of cool drinks offered, including iced coffee:

serving the dregs from the morning coffee pot, saved in a thermus. Iced, home brewed tea as well as generic "koolaid" packets mixed with less sugar are also offered as well as the traditional standby: iced water.


Lili said...

Yea! You made it! It's summer break. I love that last day of work or class before a break begins.

On your west-facing windows, can you put up a blind of some sort on the outside of the window? When we lived in Utah, that's what we did for a couple of windows and it seemed to keep some of the intense heat out. We used those reed roll-up mats. They stopped some of the heat before it ever came into the house.

Marcia in rural WNY said...

We managed for decades in our two story house with just an exhaust fan in the upstairs hallway. Our bedroom doors have transoms, and when you open the windows and turn on the exhaust fan, you get a good breeze through the bedrooms. An exhaust fan is considerably less expensive to buy than an A/C, and cheaper to run besides. I found it was comfortable for sleeping unless the night time temperatures stayed above 70, which isn't too often here. Now that we're older, we have two window units downstairs (running the second only in extreme weather) and one in our bedroom. There is one in the guest room too but rarely used, and that one was gifted to us, slightly damaged, only runs on low. It'll do.

Without transoms, I think you might have to leave the bedroom doors open to get a breeze, but it's a lower cost alternative you may want to consider. The exhaust fan was installed in the window in spring and removed in the fall--a half hour job after the first time.