Sunday, June 1, 2014

Weekend report


Busy and productive weekend, even with killer allergies on board. : (

First thing Saturday, was a "rain date" return trip to our organic, CSA farm to see how the animals as well as the crops are growing. The FinnSheep were in the pasture, next to the goats. Beautiful weather for a walk around the property. Returned home to have the youngest picked up by X for the weekend. I spent most of the day with laundry, hanging out on the line, even though it was cloudy off and on. The rain stayed away. Was feeling very tired, so while DD was at work, I took a nap. My immune system is clearly being taxed. Simple supper of tuna salad with lettuce and sliced tomato, on toasted homemade bread. Worked perfectly.

DS # 1 confided that he has used up all of the provisions gifted him by both his Dad as well as myself. Cuts in work hours have meant a real struggle to make his rent. Food monies disappeared. So, I scrounged the pantry shelves and pulled together some staples for his larder. I reminded him that until things improve, he is to take his evening meal here. He agreed.

Sunday found DD a mess with her allergies (Severe mold allergens at the moment) so she called off work, switched work from Mon to Tues (day off) and plans to hit the Doc in the box type place in the city not far from here tomorrow morning as she strongly suspects a sinus infection. : (

The rest of the laundry, some mending finished my afternoon. I also hit some stores this morning: Stop and Shop, Aldi's, Dollar Tree. I intentionally selected some pantry staples for DS, as well as capitalized on some rock bottom sale priced "picnic items." Final stop was the CSA farm, looking for rhubarb and chive, but only finding chive. I then went to the local IGA, and bought the rhubarb. Once home, I plucked off all of the chive blossoms, placed them in a quart mason jar, filled it with white vinegar and set it in a sunny window. The vinegar is already a pretty lavender color! This will be left to steep for several weeks.

Supper tonight was herb crusted, eye of the round; oven roasted Russets, fzn corn (last Summer's CSA), sauteed "braising greens"-mostly Kale and spinach blend. THe roasting pan was deglazed, I have a pint of beef broth to help me with Tuesday's supper. Dessert was special: a homemade, strawberry-rhubarb pie topped with vanilla bean ice cream. YUM! I also managed to bake a 2 lb loaf of bread for the beginning of this week.

Once again, I am feeling run down, my voice comes/goes. So it's off to bed.

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mikemax said...

No wonder you're run down, Carol! You did more this day than I do in a week! Well, maybe not a week...but you are super productive.