Monday, June 23, 2014

Wardrobe refreshing on a budget

 Twins birthday was officially yesterday. They couldn't come up with any requests so we decided that a shopping trip to spruce up their Summer wardrobes was order. With my gift budget figure in mind, plus additional monies via check from a relative, we hit Kohl's. Kidlet # 3 got the above (sadly the 2 pairs of cargo shorts don't fit-they have to go back, we'll try on line. He's super skinny so therefor hard to fit). He will keep the athletic  shorts and 2 T's. More shopping for him is in our plans for this week.
 Kidlet # 4: a pair of jeans ($10), a T $8, 2 T Hawk button downs that he previously eye balled but didn't get them as he didn't have enough $ to do so. Now 50% off, he is thrilled to have them.
 I also spent some time scanning the clearance racks, getting some great deals: a pair of Vera Wang pull on, stretch dressy pants (really need to replace my work pants and I continue to try to lose weight) originally $50, I got these for $10! I also grabbed a pair of tan twill pants (great for year round wear and I can get away with these at work). Originally $37, I paid $3.69. $4 pants-love it!
 I also got 2, 3/4 sleeved dressier knit tops for work. One is black with purple and white paisley while the other is navy with fuscia and white paisley. Originally $30, I paid $6 each.
Finally, a splurge: a Chaps crochet embellished, dressier knit top (good for work as well)-originally $49, I paid $14.70.  I tried everything of mine on at the store, rejecting several other pairs of pants. Sizes vary so much with manufacturers, it's ridiculous.

Pleased with our deals/finds. "Earned" $ in "kohl's cash" vouchers so hope to capitalize on that and return to Kohl's to scan the clearance racks again (this time without the boys, who weren't all that pleasant to shop with!).

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