Monday, June 9, 2014

Veering off the menus

No fish on Monday this week. Rainy, damp, icky weather and too many leftovers from Sunday supper translated into a pot of soup. I started by sauteeing the rest of my older carrots, along with the chopped up root end of a new stalk of celery and a medium sized, chopped onion, in some of the chicken fat that formed on top of jars of homemade chicken stock. This saves me from using oil/margarine/butter. Once the veggies were softened, I added 2 1/2 quarts of homemade stock, the rest of the chicken flavored noodles (mix), black pepper, some rainbow chard/Yugoslavian Kale/mustard greens from my CSA share today.  I also added a few handfuls of Farfale.

After work today, I headed to my surgeon's office for an update on the shoulder and to get the process rolling for my hand surgery. I will have a date this Wed, but looks to be early July. Meanwhile, I've picked up my pain killers at CVS, in an effort to clear my to do list. While there, I picked up some lozengers (paid cash) as well as some OTC acid reducers (used my HSA so no additional monies out of pocket)

I also stopped in at Stop and shop to complain about this:

my marked down pkg of Farfalle that rang up at 99 cents vs the 49 the yellow sticker indicated is the new price. Due to this error, I got 99 cents credited to me and refunded in full. No charge, as per CT consumer laws. Nice.

I also stopped at Aldi's for a jug of whole milk: $1.99.

I emailed my connection aks liaison at my medical insurance company about a charge that I'm being billed the balance for (even though before ordering this, I placed 3 phone calls to them and confirmed that there should be no OOP charges) as well as a clarification of an added/extended benefit for this upcoming Summer. With a July surgery, I will start OT 6 weeks later-so I need to understand just what benefit I have, what will be covered, etc.  I await her response.

Heard back from the LL's plumber. He was supposed to come today between 1 and 4, phoned me around 3 to tell me that it's a no go. He rescheduled for tomorrow morning at 10.


56steps said...

Your soup looks great. Love checking in with your blog and seeing what you're up to


CTMOM said...

Thanks, 56steps! I took some in my lunch today; the A/C at work was freezing, so this was especially welcomed.