Friday, June 27, 2014

Up and out early today

 . .taking care of things on my punch list, prior to my upcoming surgery. First up: transfer station to drop off 8 tall kitchen bags full of recycling plus some cardboard, and 5 same sized bags of trash-a bit more than usual. Hmmm . . $8 charge. I don't recall how long it's been since I did the trash/recycling. In Summer months, I like to address it every other week, if not weekly. Recent meat purchases have meant throwing out those absorbant pads placed below the meat, and frankly-they stink pretty quickly! Other than the bagged litter from the cat boxes, there is no reason for our trash to be malodorous. I arrived at about 7:45 a.m., immediately back home, and I made a lb of pork breakfast sausages (DD's BF plus older college boy joined the 4 of us for bfst today), then set to making coffee, fried organic free range farm eggs. YUM!

After a quick bfst, I was off to the vet with the 2 cats for their annual check ups. All is well, but we discovered the very beginning of some tooth issues with one of them. As a preventative measure, he will have his teeth cleaned professionally by the Vet within the next month (they offer a discount if it's within a month) and we will begin an every other day regimin of applying an effervescing tooth "paste." Hopefully this will do the trick. He's only 4. Since I was at the Vet, I set up next year's physical for the cats and picked up their special food (same male cat has had urinary blockage issues and requires a special diet.

$485.96. Pricey? yes. This is an "affordable" vet practice and I set aside monies monthly to absorb this cost. It's anticipated, I plan for it. I recognize that pet ownership is a serious responsibility and they require appropriate care. Noting this, I have already decided that once one of the cats passes, I will go down to a one pet household. At least, that's the plan at the moment. Love my cats, don't get me wrong; I am keeping the big picture in mind, moving forward.

Lazy day at home, dishes, laundry, cooking (besides bfstL lunch for 2 kidlets was the leftover taco filling, some salad for the lettuce part and the rest of the goats milk cheddar that was mixed with NY state sharp Cheddar to disguise it as they didn't care for it. Now it's all gone.

So I had a snacky lunch: some Pepperoni slices, some NY state sharp Cheddar, wheat crackers and an apple sliced up. Iced herbal tea completed the meal. Pretty good for a change of pace.

 I  even worked in a nap and watched some British tv. Received my annual car taxes but need to contact the Assessor on Monday as they are for my former car (replaced it in Dec). Need to confirm what I am required to pay. Another anticipated expense, budgeted monthly for.

Supper was an oldie but a goodie: hamburger and macaroni, with a side of canned, French green beans. Just DD and myself. Planned over, cooked pasta, some fzn onions and peppers, spices, a bit of ground beef (I made up 2 patties for tomorrow night and stored them under plastic wrap for an easy supper on Sat, used the remaining ground beef tonight), drained canned mushrooms, a can of tomato sauce. Came out really good. Have 2 lunch kits made up for DD and myself for tomorrow as well. Easy-peasy.


DW said...

Our eldest cat is now 15, and I'm bracing for the costs that will come should she develop a chronic illness. (We've lost cats to cancer and kidney disease, so I know how quickly the costs pile up.)
Last year the vet pronounced her exceptionally healthy for a kitty of her age. I'm crossing my fingers ....

CTMOM said...

I understand. Prior to rescuing these 2 as kittens from a no kill shelter agency, we had at that point just put down my 20-1 year old, arthritic, diabetic cat with cataracts who developed incontinence and was in pain. Hated losing her. I wanted the kids to experience having a kitten, we chose 2. In hindsight, I should have only taken one from the litter. Love them both! Agree, pets with chronic illness (former cat got insulin injections 2 xs daily)can get really expensive really quicky!

Florence said...

I know what you mean about those stinky meat trays! I keep a bag in the freezer to keep meat trays until time to take in the garbage.
We have 2 cats also. One is 12 and the other is 10 years old. Fortunately they are both is good health so far. Vet bills can really mount up.